Personalisation, made relevant.

The complete acquisition, engagement and analytics solution for ecommerce brands.

Personalisation, made relevant

Relevant experiences powered by consumer insight

While many brands deliver personalisation based on their perception of who a customer is, few brands deliver personalisation based on true consumer intent. That’s what sets us apart.

Relevant experiences powered by consumer insight

Smart, integrated digital solutions

Our smart solutions seamlessly integrate advertising and marketing technology to connect all the dots in the user journey, drawing on a rich mixture of data to provide you with a complete picture of what an individual is looking for, and why.

Smart, integrated digital solutions


Connecting experiences across the full customer journey with our consumer-first digital solutions.

Digital Advertising

Reach the right audience

Creative display and video campaigns that spark awareness, interest and action.

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Onsite engagement

Engage every visitor

Build onsite experiences driven by customer intent with Digital Assistant

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Global data, simplified

We identify patterns and characteristics in online behaviour to categorise customers into five shopping modes. We then use this to build more relevant online experiences.

Globally, of the 1.6bn online shoppers, we analyse...


Unique devices


Shopper journeys


Websites tracked


Shopping modes

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About Ve

About Ve

Through our extensive consumer insights and leading technology, we bridge the gap that exists between advertising and marketing, unifying both technologies to connect experiences across every channel.

Our solutions help brands to deliver interactions that are not only personal, but relevant to each individual, at every stage of their journey. To us, personalisation will only work if it’s made relevant.

Today, we serve 5,000 clients across 18 territories, with our customer-first solutions ensuring every brand can give their customers the tailored and intuitive online experience they deserve.

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