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Redefining ecommerce personalisation

Most brands personalise based on who a customer is. Very few offer online experiences built on an understanding of why a particular customer has engaged at a given moment.

That ability – to recognise a customer’s intent and then leverage it on a truly individual basis – is what sets us, and the brands we work with, apart from the rest. Our smart solutions connect all the dots in the user journey to provide a complete picture of what an individual is looking for, and why. Then we use that insight to construct an online experience that’s truly unique.

Traditional approach

Personalisation driven only by CRM and profile data, resulting in retrospective generic experiences.

Our approach

 Personalisation driven by a mix of profile, intent and context data, resulting in relevant content delivered in real-time.  

The foundation of our approach

If two customers sharing similar demographics visit a physical store, they won’t be treated the same way
simply because of their shared profile. Neither will their retrospective experiences dominate their current visit.

The store assistant will discover why they are there and what they are looking for in that exact moment, with the goal of giving both customers a more personalised experience and converting both visits into a sale. They help guide them through their journey from browsing through to purchase. This is the approach we take when delivering online experiences.

Online experiences built on an understanding of every customer

We distil rich consumer insights from 540 million online journeys a month to build a true understanding of every customer, which includes their profile, behaviour and intent, as well as the context of their visit.

We categorise context into 5 shopping modes* which help us to understand the shared needs, wants and motivations of customers at distinct stages of the online journey. We use this to power campaigns at every touchpoint, across every channel, helping brands build online experiences that are truly relevant, and entirely unique.

Learn how to target the ecommerce shopping modes here

*Nielsen Norman Group

Demographics: Female > 25-30 > London

Shopping mode: Researcher

Spending history: Browse at £70 > Purchase at £50

Behaviour: Clothing Category > Visited 4 product pages for Dresses > Last 30 days

The Browser

Browsers are leisurely shoppers who go to websites for inspiration or to kill time. Browsing shoppers want to stay up to date on the latest trends, dream of future purchases, or prepare for the next shopping trip. They will regularly visit their favourite sites or new sites of interest.

The Researcher

Researchers are goal driven. They plan to purchase, but the purchase may happen today or a later date. They may be collecting information about products, learning about new products or searching for the right price or features. Research may be done over several in-depth visits or can involve a quick decision between options.

The Product Focused

Product focused shoppers know exactly what they want. They’ve done previous research and have picked the item that they want to purchase. Product focused shoppers are goal-oriented and go to websites to find specific products. They know what they need, and they want the site to give it to them quickly.

The Bargain Hunter

Bargain hunters look for the best deal possible. Bargain hunter mode can impact and run simultaneously to other types of shoppers (browser, researcher and product focused). Some shoppers are simply looking for bargains, enticed into purchases by the idea of getting a good deal.

One-time Shopper

One-time shoppers may also be in another shopper mode. They are often gift-card recipients, gift-card buyers, or gift buyers. They may come with a goal, such as a list of products that a recipient is interested in. They have no intentions to visit the site after the initial purchase; they are visiting due to a one-time need. 

How we work

Every one of our clients is unique, and that’s how we treat them. Our in-house team are experts in campaign delivery and optimisation, and work with every client to develop the right strategy to take ideas from conception to life.

Taking a consultative approach ensures we deliver intelligent cross-channel campaigns that focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, aligned to their KPIs and performance goals and with return on investment at their core.

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