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Better consent, better quality - email remarketing

Josh Mortensen25/11/19 16:02

Anxiety lingers but the fear of a GDPRmageddon seems to have been overblown. Now CCPA is impending and even US businesses will have to contend with the new privacy regime—you can’t just pretend California doesn’t exist the way some of North America pretended Europe didn’t when they just blocked access from EU IPs. Compliance will soon be important for everyone.

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Ve launches Connected Experiences: a unique and intelligent way to optimise your marketing spend

Josh Mortensen11/11/19 16:21

Don Draper has no idea how good he had it in the 50s. Drinks in the office, drinks at lunch, blissfully ignorant that the cigarettes were killing him and three simple advertising channels: Print, Radio, TV. Everyone saw the same ads in the same places. And in Don’s day, every advertiser had a store and knew half of their ads budget was wasted. Didn’t know which half and didn’t care.

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Retargeting Evolved

Leo McInnis25/09/19 08:34

Retargeting has been a critical, occasionally controversial part of the digital media mix since it became widely available in 2010. Bringing visitors—who were expensive to attract in the first place—back to a site is a powerful tactical marketing tool. But there has not been much innovation since adwords made it available at scale almost a decade ago: place pixels, create segments, (all too often) remove frequency capping, optimize for clicks, done.

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Email is not dead. Ve releases compliant remarketing.

Ve Global05/09/19 09:24
Ve offers a unique and powerful remarketing package to seamlessly reconnect with your visitors while making sure you meet your legal obligations at the same time.

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The importance of data-driven attribution 

Aj Hill26/03/19 09:00

An attribution model is a set of rules that determine which touchpoints in a conversion path receive credit for sales and conversions. But with more than one model to choose from, how can brands be sure they are fairly assigning the full and correct value to every channel on a customer’s path to purchase?

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How onsite UX is shaping the future of retail

Adam Barley15/03/19 10:46

A guest post by Adam Barley, Head of Product Design at Ve Global.

Today’s marketers are fortunate enough to have more channels at their fingertips than ever before. And while every channel will require a different mix of expertise, strategy and objectives, they all have one thing in common; a connection with the onsite experience.

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How customer experience is shaping the programmatic advertising landscape in 2019

Emily Atkinson01/03/19 14:21

Recent predictions have suggested that 65% of all digital advertising spend, equalling $84 billion, will be traded programmatically in 2019. However, growth and increased spend has very little correlation to effectiveness and performance, and sadly too many brands are channelling vast sums of money into digital advertising without focusing on the bigger picture; targeting, optimisation and where programmatic advertising fits into the wider customer experience.

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A product designer's guide to the user experience oxymoron

Rochelle Williams21/02/19 14:12

A guest post by Rochelle Williams, Product Designer at Ve Global.

It is common knowledge that the millennial generation changes jobs more frequently than any that has come before. We are constantly questioning whether we are happy in our work, and strive to do something ethical that ‘makes a difference’ in the world. In this environment, it is challenging to ever be truly satisfied by our work.

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How iGaming is embracing personalisation to build better online experiences

Emily Atkinson15/02/19 14:24

There’s no question that the iGaming industry – which today includes online gaming, casinos and sports betting – is booming. In fact, it’s growing at such an exponential rate that 11% of total internet traffic now comes from online casino players. With such opportunity ahead, brands are realising the need to deliver outstanding experiences if they want to acquire their share of new players.