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5 ways to improve the success of your programmatic advertising campaign

Emily Atkinson03/05/18 12:58

With digital advertising spend predicted to grow by 4.7% in 2018, according to WARC, brands must focus on improving the performance of their campaigns if they want to outclass the competition. As brands allocate more and more budget to advertising, it’s a common expectation that such campaigns will deliver an increased return on investment. However, it takes more than just money to make a success of programmatic advertising and relies on brands optimising their campaigns to get the most for their money.

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Improving the shopping experience with eCommerce personalisation

Emily Atkinson27/04/18 11:17

Have you ever been tempted to send your latest content, message or promotion to your entire database, in the hope of reaching the largest possible audience? It seems logical that the more people that see your content, the more conversions you’ll achieve. Unfortunately for brands, a large reach doesn’t always result in engagement and in many cases adds little value to sales.

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APAC travel bookers seek more personalised experiences

Emily Atkinson26/04/18 12:33

With online abandonment rates in Asia Pacific’s travel industry still worrying high, travel brands should be looking towards personalisation if they want to strike a chord with APAC travel bookers and turn browsing into bookings.

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12 things retailers need to know about customer experience

Emily Atkinson19/04/18 14:46

Consumer expectations of brands, whether they sell a product or service and do so online or offline, are higher than ever before. As a result, retailers are faced with the need to improve the customer experience to continue to engage and convert customers.

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How to write the best email subject lines for different parts of the world

Emily Atkinson11/04/18 16:27

Email marketing remains one of the most influential forms of digital media at a marketer’s disposal. But with our figures alone showing that an average of 743,235 remarketing emails flood inboxes each day, how can you break through the noise and achieve email marketing success?

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4 tips to improve website conversion rates with customer engagement

Emily Atkinson27/03/18 17:04

As businesses continually look for ways to achieve meaningful growth, each year marketers are tasked with meeting increased traffic and lead targets. However, whilst delivering tons of visitors to your website may tick an important box on the KPI sheet, it’s no good if they aren’t converting into customers.

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DACH Travel Industry Hit Hardest by Customer Hesitation Online

Emily Atkinson06/03/18 12:19

Ahead of ITB Berlin, the world's leading travel trade show, our exclusive data insights reveal how the travel industry still hasn't solved online abandonment, which has increased year-on-year across Europe, and how personalisation across the customer journey could be the remedy.

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Ve | 15 Travel Marketing Campaigns

Kate Rogerson27/02/18 08:45

The travel industry is a competitive field, but with this competition comes great innovation and creativity. From online to offline and social to video, the travel sector has created some great marketing strategies over the last century.

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The Future of Programmatic Advertising: 17 Predictions for 2017

Ellie Hubble31/08/17 16:05

Programmatic advertising. The crunching of numerous sources of data to present the right ad, at the right time, to the right person. But with technology evolving so quickly, what does the future hold? We’ve looked at the numbers, asked the experts and analysed all the trends to bring you our 17 programmatic predictions and trends to keep on top of for 2017.