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Why push notifications are the remarketing trend to watch

Emily Atkinson08/08/18 10:34

Remarketing has become a core element of B2C marketing strategies, implemented by consumer facing brands for its ability to re-engage visitors and increase conversions. However, in the wake of GDPR, marketers were left uncertain about whether remarketing would continue to be such an effective strategy, particularly with email signifying arguably the most popular channel. A few months on, has email remarketing survived the change in data regulation and how can adding alternative channels to the mix boost results?

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What online marketplaces mean for ecommerce competition

Emily Atkinson23/07/18 14:07

Online marketplaces are changing the way consumers search and shop for products online. With websites such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy continuing to grow in both size and popularity, ecommerce competition is more complex than ever before. Not only are brands competing directly with other brands, they are now battling marketplaces that are populated by thousands of competitive sellers. This has opened up the question; should brands consider joining the marketplace masses?

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Boost summer season sales with these 6 travel marketing tips

Emily Atkinson05/07/18 12:34

As summer takes hold across the Northern Hemisphere and millions of travellers take off on their long-awaited holidays, travel companies are left waiting for their next opportunity. With the majority of travel bookings taking place in the first few months of the year, summer traditionally spells a dip in browsing and booking habits, seen in 2017 when January and February enjoyed 91% more sales compared to July and August. Fortunately, summer doesn’t have to represent a sales slump and travel retailers could be using their holidays to get ahead.

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How to kick-off your brand’s World Cup marketing campaign

Emily Atkinson04/06/18 10:50

With less than two weeks to go until the start of the World Cup, there’s still just enough time to capitalise on football fever and create tournament inspired marketing and advertising campaigns that will spark interest with audiences across the globe. But with so much noise surrounding the quadrennial event, how can you ensure your brand’s efforts stand out from the crowd, for the right reasons?

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What exactly is programmatic advertising?

Emily Atkinson30/05/18 13:22

The term programmatic has become synonymous with digital advertising, but despite its popularity, there’s often still confusion about the true meaning of the term, whether its remit has changed in recent years and how it works in the context of display and video advertising today. We’re here to set the record straight and give every marketer the confidence to tackle programmatic in 2018 by answering the question; what exactly is programmatic advertising?

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5 ways to improve the success of your programmatic advertising campaign

Emily Atkinson03/05/18 12:58

With digital advertising spend predicted to grow by 4.7% in 2018, according to WARC, brands must focus on improving the performance of their campaigns if they want to outclass the competition. As brands allocate more and more budget to advertising, it’s a common expectation that such campaigns will deliver an increased return on investment. However, it takes more than just money to make a success of programmatic advertising and relies on brands optimising their campaigns to get the most for their money.

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Improving the shopping experience with eCommerce personalisation

Emily Atkinson27/04/18 11:17

Have you ever been tempted to send your latest content, message or promotion to your entire database, in the hope of reaching the largest possible audience? It seems logical that the more people that see your content, the more conversions you’ll achieve. Unfortunately for brands, a large reach doesn’t always result in engagement and in many cases adds little value to sales.

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APAC travel bookers seek more personalised experiences

Emily Atkinson26/04/18 12:33

With online abandonment rates in Asia Pacific’s travel industry still worrying high, travel brands should be looking towards personalisation if they want to strike a chord with APAC travel bookers and turn browsing into bookings.

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12 things retailers need to know about customer experience

Emily Atkinson19/04/18 14:46

Consumer expectations of brands, whether they sell a product or service and do so online or offline, are higher than ever before. As a result, retailers are faced with the need to improve the customer experience to continue to engage and convert customers.