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Visualising the move online

Josh Mortensen27/03/20 13:22

Unsurprisingly, consumers across Europe are moving their buying online at an accelerating pace—with some notable exceptions.

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Go-to-market strategies for the new reality - Day 1

Josh Mortensen20/03/20 18:05

Busy day. Following Netflix’s lead, trying to be good internet citizens in the new reality by forgoing video on all our Teams calls. Some ideas great ideas are taking shape. Here are just a few of them:

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"Hack-to-market", go-to-market strategies for the new reality

Josh Mortensen20/03/20 12:17

Working in digital requires being comfortable with a rapid pace of change. The website you re-launched in Q1 feels dated by Q4. Develop a strategy for Snapchat only now everyone is on TikTok. Internet years are real. Just like it is for dogs, one year on the internet is like seven in human time. Constant evolution, disruption—you get used to it. But even the most seasoned among us could not have been prepared for the acceleration that is happening right now.

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Third-party cookies: The end of the beginning

Josh Mortensen20/01/20 12:10

If you are Gen X or, gasp, a Boomer, you remember a time when all the music you listened to came on an album. That hit track blowing up on FM, you wanted to hear it at home, had to buy ten other songs you didn’t want. You had to buy the record… or the cassette or the CD.

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Better consent, better quality - email remarketing

Josh Mortensen25/11/19 16:02

Anxiety lingers but the fear of a GDPRmageddon seems to have been overblown. Now CCPA is impending and even US businesses will have to contend with the new privacy regime—you can’t just pretend California doesn’t exist the way some of North America pretended Europe didn’t when they just blocked access from EU IPs. Compliance will soon be important for everyone.

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Ve launches Connected Experiences: a unique and intelligent way to optimise your marketing spend

Josh Mortensen11/11/19 16:21

Don Draper has no idea how good he had it in the 50s. Drinks in the office, drinks at lunch, blissfully ignorant that the cigarettes were killing him and three simple advertising channels: Print, Radio, TV. Everyone saw the same ads in the same places. And in Don’s day, every advertiser had a store and knew half of their ads budget was wasted. Didn’t know which half and didn’t care.

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Retargeting Evolved

Leo McInnis25/09/19 08:34

Retargeting has been a critical, occasionally controversial part of the digital media mix since it became widely available in 2010. Bringing visitors—who were expensive to attract in the first place—back to a site is a powerful tactical marketing tool. But there has not been much innovation since adwords made it available at scale almost a decade ago: place pixels, create segments, (all too often) remove frequency capping, optimize for clicks, done.

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Email is not dead. Ve releases compliant remarketing.

Ve Global05/09/19 09:24
Ve offers a unique and powerful remarketing package to seamlessly reconnect with your visitors while making sure you meet your legal obligations at the same time.

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The importance of data-driven attribution 

Aj Hill26/03/19 09:00

An attribution model is a set of rules that determine which touchpoints in a conversion path receive credit for sales and conversions. But with more than one model to choose from, how can brands be sure they are fairly assigning the full and correct value to every channel on a customer’s path to purchase?