10 features and improvements we released in 2018 that you don’t want to miss

10 features and improvements we released in 2018 that you don’t want to miss

2018 has been a busy year for the Product team here at Ve, who have been working non-stop to develop new and improved solutions to help solve the challenges our clients face every day. While it’s not easy to summarise 12 months’ worth of releases into 1000 words, we’ve given it a go.

Here are our top 10 product and feature enhancements from 2018 that we think you should know about.

1. Trigger-based messaging for Digital Assistant

In a bid to deliver improved shopping experiences through greater onsite personalisation, we introduced trigger-based messaging for Digital Assistant, enabling our clients to show visitors a different message for each of the 6 display triggers (e.g. inactivity, on exit). As a result, customers are shown messaging tailored to their action, rather than potentially irrelevant generic re-engagement messaging.


2. Create product bundles for your customers

Our product bundling feature adds an assistive layer of interaction to a customer’s online shopping journey. We developed this feature to help our clients achieve increased average order values, getting more from every customer. Automated product bundling for Digital Assistant delivers contextually relevant product recommendations based on the items a customer adds to their basket, inspiring them to engage with and purchase additional products.


3. Show personalised messages for new vs. returning customers

We can now segment audiences based on whether or not a customer has previously visited a page or not. Depending on past-behaviour, clients can target each customer, whether they are new or returning, with more specific and personalised content that meets their needs. This could be as simple as showing returning customers a ‘Welcome back’ message with a free delivery option, while offering new customers a more persuasive and influential promotion of 25% discount off all orders.


4. Send customised emails based on the interest levels of your customers

Not every customer will have the same interest in a product, which is why we developed audience segmentation based on interest for our multi-step email remarketing campaigns. Using this feature, we can segment email audiences into 2 levels of interest; ‘interested users’ (customers who have opened at least 1 email) and ‘not interested users’ (who did not open any). We use these 2 groups to deliver more targeted messages and offers. For example, giving those who are ‘not interested’ a larger discount incentive to re-engage them with a purchase.


5. Collect the reason behind a customer’s visit with Customer Survey

Customer survey for Digital Assistant was created to help solve one of ecommerce’s biggest challenges; understanding the reason behind a user’s visit. Customer survey collects the reason, or intent, behind a customer’s visit, using a shopping modes methodology to categorise shoppers into one of 5 modes. By identifying the mode of every customer, and therefore what stage of their buying journey they are at, our clients are able to then deliver more relevant experiences to help every customer achieve their goal, quicker and easier.


6. Manage Digital Assistant and Email Remarketing transactions from the brand-new reporting Platform

Our new reporting platform provides a transparent overview of campaign performance in a clear and usable interface, surfacing accurate, improved and more granular data from every Ve product. Platform facilitates client onboarding and provides one straightforward, single point of truth for every one of our clients to keep up to date with their performance. Transactions manager sits within Platform and gives our clients more control over their own campaigns, meaning they can now autonomously access, review and approve transactions related to recovered sales attributed to Ve’s solutions.

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7. Personalise Digital Assistant Recommendations depending on the page

With personalised product recommendations by page type, clients can suggest highly relevant products to their customers at multiple touchpoints across the shopping journey. Different recommendation algorithms will deliver highly personalised shopping experiences for customers, leading to a natural boost in conversion and order values through greater relevancy and a better overall experience.


8. Dynamic Video Advertising (Beta)

Our Digital Advertising solution got an exciting new feature this year in the form of Dynamic Video Advertising. With Dynamic Video Advertising, clients can bridge the gap between branding and performance by dynamically integrating highly relevant products into their existing brand videos. As a result, a personalised message that sticks and has great impact on customer decisions is provided.

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9. Web Push Notifications (Beta)

One of a number of new products to make its way to our product stack in 2018. Web Push Notifications is our latest remarketing solution, allowing clients to develop a multi-channel remarketing strategy to help bring users back to their website. Web Push Notifications appear on a mobile or desktop, without requiring the customer to be using the app or browser at the time, delivering unobtrusive and relevant product reminders and promotional messages to customers.


10. Connect Digital Experiences: Digital Advertising to Digital Assistant

Our latest release facilitates the unification of advertising and marketing technologies, helping deliver more relevant personalised campaigns across all channels. A unique, patent-pending solution that connects Digital Advertising to Onsite, integrating Digital Assistant as a media extension to advertising campaigns. This ability to connect experiences helps reduce bounce rates and increase engagement onsite - improving cross channel customer experiences and efficiency of spend. We are now able to identify the ad which was last viewed by a customer, allowing us to personalise Digital Assistant by using the relevant content from that specific ad when the customer lands on site.


Like what you see? We've made our product roadmap completely transparent so that our clients are kept in the loop as we work on new and exciting ideas. Check it out here and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a whole host of new releases and enhancements coming in 2019, including the launch of two exciting new onsite products.

We’re also offering you the opportunity to take part in two of our biggest product launches to date: Digital Assistant 2.0 and Programmatic UX (PUX). Don’t miss your chance to get involved; check out the roadmap or contact us to register your interest in the Beta programme

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