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5 things we learned at MAD//Fest 2021

Rhian Greener
Rhian Greener
Product Marketing Manager
5 things we learned at MAD//Fest 2021

Hello MAD//Festers! How awesome was it to be at a real-life event again? I think we all hope to never attend an online conference with an awkward Zoom-breakout-room again.  

It was great to meet so many marketers in person, hear about the challenges the past year has brought and share a little bit about what Ve’s been up to behind the scenes.

From all the fantastic conversations we had, we’ve rounded up 5 things we learned from the event.

  1. Digital commerce is bloody hard right now

Shifting your business online has never been easy, but the competition following the pandemic is at an all-time high. If Amazon sells your product, you need to give your customers a pretty good reason to buy from you instead. Let’s face it, few can match the giants on price or delivery, so if the product is the same, what’s left?  

The experience. That’s what. According to a recent Emarsys Research Report, “74%, of U.K. shoppers, are missing the physical brick-and-mortar customer experience.”

Which begs the question, how can we recreate the in-store experience, online?  

This question was at the centre of most of our conversations, with many marketers wondering how they could ever achieve this. Our response? Don’t panic…

  1. It’s not a total sh*t show

You haven’t missed the boat. It’s not too late to create a truly effective online experience.  

Our CEO Jack Wearne gave a talk on this very topic. Speaking from experience, his top tips for rising from the ashes of a challenging business year are to strip it all back into small, easy-to-execute chunks. After all, strategy is nothing without execution.

Don’t forget, there are a number of tools that can help you incrementally convert more customers. In fact there are so many tools that…  

  1. Martech bloat is real

This is something we see time and time again. It’s so tempting to add a tool for email capture, a pop-up for discounts and an exit survey, that marketers find they’re juggling multiple platforms. At this point, campaigns aren’t synced up, and the end user experience can feel like a barrage of shouty messages.  

But fear not. There are more intelligent solutions out there that can streamline these services into one, user-centric display. And if you get it right, you’ll reap the rewards.  

Take our client SPEEDWELL, for example. As a real estate developer, they have a number of objectives to achieve each month:  

“Our focus is always on lead generation, but we’re also trying to understand our website visitors better.

Through our Ve campaign, we’ve not only seen a fantastic initial conversion rate of 11%, but uncovered what our customers are looking for.  

We’ve gained insights into what visitors think about our pricing, reasons why they would hesitate to make a purchase, and the most common types of apartments our site visitors are interested in. This direct feedback is invaluable.”  

- Octavian Matache, Commercial Director, SPEEDWELL (Real Estate Developer)

  1. Guided Selling can help

If you’re not familiar with the term Guided Selling, we’ll quickly clue you in. Guided Selling simulates the in-store consultation experience, to help customers find and purchase the right products online. It’s all about passing on your brand knowledge to help customers feel confident in making a purchase.  

Any business selling products that are ‘considered purchases’ should get familiar with Guided Selling, stat. Whether you specialise in consumer electronics, specialist skincare, financial products or gifts, Guided Selling can help you bridge the digital gap, and connect with your customers.  

Parkin & Lewis, a luxury gift brand, recently dabbled in Guided Selling, using Ve Global’s latest solution ‘Help Me Choose’.  

“Help Me Choose has allowed us to engage with our audience in a totally new way. Following the initial set up, we were able to help each visitor find the perfect Father’s Day gift quickly and easily, without lifting a finger.

The insights we’ve gained from the campaign have helped us optimise our site – now we know exactly what our customers want!”

- Joanna Lewis, Parkin & Lewis

  1. And finally… we love real life events!

In case we didn’t stress that enough already, we had an absolute blast at MAD//Fest. If you want to continue the conversation, book a call below. We’d love to tell you how we can help improve conversions for your site. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a total sh*t show.  

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