Graham McEnroe

Graham McEnroe
Graham is the PR & Outreach Manager at Ve Global.

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Small and Medium Retailers, We Need to Talk about Website Abandonment

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 15:35

SME [small and medium-sized enterprises] retailers.

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Does My Fledgling Retailer Need an Online Marketplace to Survive?

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 15:34

The online marketplace has revolutionised how we shop online. They give people a single destination from which they have access to a myriad of brands and products – the concept is as old as time, of course, but instead of Harrods, Westfield and Walmart we’re talking about Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

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How Data Can Help Bootstrapped Startups Create Authentic Brand Experiences

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 14:46

Evoking sensations, cognitions, and behavioural responses in your customers is the very pinnacle of executing brand experiences well.