Better consent, better quality - email remarketing

Better consent, better quality - email remarketing

Anxiety lingers but the fear of a GDPRmageddon seems to have been overblown. Now CCPA is impending and even US businesses will have to contend with the new privacy regime—you can’t just pretend California doesn’t exist the way some of North America pretended Europe didn’t when they just blocked access from EU IPs. Compliance will soon be important for everyone.

Faced with the uncertainty of GDPR and the new consent requirements, many companies suspended email remarking activities. Rather than risk the ambiguity in the first months of GDPR, e-commerce business decided it was safer to pause one of their most powerful conversion tools, remarketing email. Many businesses have also simply not resumed. But compliant remarketing is available and, honestly, it is better.

It will not be a surprise that more strict consent requirements do reduce the volume of mail. Getting an opt-in from that casual first time visitor is not easy. You will be sending fewer emails.

But when a customer does agree to be contacted, there is a much deeper commitment on their part and the consent is much more valuable. It is not a bad trade. Quality is always superior to quantity.

Numbers for GDPR compliant email remarketing from the Fashion and Home & Garden sectors.

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Specifically and transparently requesting consent improves the most important remarketing KPIs, open rate, click-through rate and conversion rate. Compliance drives quality over quantity and is a better experience for your customers.



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