Brands get full visibility of campaign performance with our more intelligent Platform

Introducing our new Platform; helping brands track the success of their advertising and marketing campaigns at every stage of the customer journey. By accessing the Platform, our clients can now gain full visibility of their campaign performance.

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What is the Platform?

Platform is a clear and usable interface that surfaces accurate and granular data from Digital Assistant, Email Remarketing and Digital Advertising. Platform provides one straightforward, single point of truth for every one of our clients to keep up to date with their performance.

In addition to performance and campaign reporting, the Platform is also home to Transaction Manager, which gives our clients more control over their own campaigns so that they can autonomously access, review and approve transactions related to recovered sales attributed to Ve’s solutions.

The UI of the new Platform

How does it work?

Every client receives access to the Platform when they sign up to a Ve solution. Using their log-in credentials, they immediately have access to a comprehensive dashboard of campaign insights. The dashboard summarises the number of solutions that are live, along with the number of campaigns currently active, with a custom date range which makes it easy to access retrospective reporting.

Within Platform clients can quickly see a summary of key KPIs; total conversions, total Ve attributed sales and total spend, before digging deeper into the performance of each individual solution to see a range of relevant metrics for each, including feature level performance and performance over time.

What's new?

UI interface of new PlatformWe’ve recently made enhancements to Platform to automate some of the tasks our clients carry out, enabling them to spend more time focusing on campaign optimisation.

  • Full overview of campaign success – We’ve now added ads reporting for all digital advertising run through our in-house DSP, Volvelle, to the Platform. This means clients can now track performance from the initial prospecting ad right through to the initial conversion.
  • Intelligent insights that make every experience count – Enhanced insights mean clients can now easily spot ways to adapt, test and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and achieve greater value from their marketing spend.
  • Easy to use – A simple and intuitive layout makes identifying the campaigns that perform best on conversions, attributed sales and total spend, hassle-free. Clients can dig deeper into campaign performance in a few simple steps.

With the new Platform, we’re giving every one of our clients more control over their campaign performance, equipping them with the insights and analytics they need to make more informed decisions about campaign optimisation. By providing full transparency across the entire customer journey, we hope to work with clients to achieve more value from advertising and marketing activity by delivering more relevant and powerful online experiences.

How to get involved

Platform is available to all Ve clients, regardless of which solution is live. If you are a current client, you will already have access to the Platform through your existing credentials.

Not a current client but want to know more? Speak to one of our experts to discuss how we can add value to your business. Or why not visit our Community page to find out all the information you need about our new releases, including our Public Product Roadmap where we share an exclusive peak at all our past, current and future product developments.

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