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Discover how Lacoste grew revenue per transaction by over 30% with Ve’s Digital Assistant

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Discover how Lacoste grew revenue per transaction by over 30% with Ve’s Digital Assistant

About Lacoste

Lacoste is a French company, founded in 1933. Their mission is to build a casual, premium brand that embodies a nuanced French elegance, enabling each customer to enjoy their unique charm wherever they are.  Lacoste prides itself on providing quality and professionalism within all areas of its business operations.

Lacoste’s challenges

Kayla, Senior Digital Business Manager alongside her digital team, was looking for a personalisation solution to support Lacoste across all their digital platforms to optimise the customer journey. Most importantly, they needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their CRM and other digital tools. The key objectives were to:

1. Drive Lacoste’s conversion rate.

2. Reduce the percentage of abandoned carts.

3. Increase the average order value per basket.

4. Increase engagement from customers online.

Kayla and her team initially went with a different solution that claimed to be able to achieve these goals.  However, it ended up being far more hands-on than expected - adding to the team’s workload - the opposite to what they were looking for.  For any given campaign the team had to produce all collateral material; everything from the copy through to the creative.

Unsatisfied, Lacoste’s digital team set out to look for a better solution that could help them achieve their objectives and reduce the team’s workload. Lacoste needed a more tailored solution that would mould to align with their business’ unique needs and goals.

The Digital Assistant was the perfect fit.

Ve's Digital Assistant: An all-in-one solution

Our Digital Assistant drives Lacoste’s goals and offers the support that Kayla and her team were looking for. Its range of tools provides customer insights that help Lacoste to identify and address key pain points, determine strategies to overcome them and implement them to test and learn with minimal input from the team.

The impact

In just 12 months Lacoste has seen a 25% increase in transactions and an impressive 33% increase in revenue.

Kayla has been particularly impressed with the Digital Assistant’s unique way of engaging and retargeting her returning customers.

“This kind of reengagement has really worked well for Lacoste. We are seeing our customers spend up to 30% more on average. And the messaging is so well-targeted that it will only be shown to high-value visitors and returning customers who want to engage with the brand.” Kayla, Senior Digital Business Manager

Lacoste has also seen a reduction in abandoned carts which Kayla attributes to Digital Assistant’s reminder emails.

The best part? The Digital Assistant learns and grows with the brand. Lacoste can enjoy a custom solution that has the flexibility to adapt as they learn how to target their customers more effectively.


When you partner with Ve and implement the Digital Assistant, you receive a custom-made solution, tailor-made to support your company and its unique objectives. Ve will design and implement a solution that will enhance your current efforts and drive your goals.

The Digital Assistant is integrated into your site with your input at every step of the journey, from the creative, the copy, and the scenarios. You also get access to your own account manager to discuss progress and any improvements you would like to implement. The Digital Assistant is essentially that, an assistant that aids you in driving all your digital goals.

If you want to see what the Digital Assistant can do your for your business, book a demo today.

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