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How Speedo drove 145% increase in revenue and 32% in conversion rate while enhancing customers’ online experience

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How Speedo drove 145% increase in revenue and 32% in conversion rate while enhancing customers’ online experience

About Speedo

Speedo® is the world’s leading swimwear brand. Born in 1928, the brand was built on a passion for life in and around the water. From learning through to swimming for fitness and competitive activity their mission is to inspire people to swim by encouraging healthy activity. The brand carries swimwear and equipment for people of all ages, enabling them to do a full range of sorts of water activities.

Speedo’s key drivers for change

Laura, Senior Digital Busines Manager, and her digital team were looking for a solution that would support Speedo across all active performance marketing. They were looking for a partner that could help them:

1. Improve their conversion rate to purchase.

2. Increase each customers’ session time while on their site.

3. Improve productivity and efficiency of the team by automating currently manual and time consuming processes.

To achieve this, Laura and her digital team found a similar personalisation tool that claimed to be able to accomplish all their goals but ultimately fell short. It was time consuming to use with a challenging user interface and instead of reducing workload ultimately ended up in increasing it.

The team re-evaluated what they needed, reviewed the options and settled on Ve Global due to its unique Digital Assistant tool which would help them achieve their goals.

The solution: Ve’s Digital Assistant

Ve’s Digital Assistant is the exact kind of support that Speedo was looking for to meet their main KPIs. The tool gives them access to key insights that help them retain customers and improve their conversion rates. They can utilise tools like session cam, which analyses how their customers shop online. Using these insights, the team can identify pain points that prevent conversions and create strategies to counteract them.

As a multi-channel brand, Speedo needed a solution that could support them across all their platforms, and with hello bar this is more than an easy task for Laura and her team. They can target customers with pop-ups prompting visitors to sign up to their email list, or their social media which is a huge driver for Speedo.

Ve’s Digital Assistant provided:

- Key insights into their customers' user journey purchase particularly with tools like session cam which highlighted pain points that was preventing purchase and creating churn.

- Support for Speedo across all platforms which is critical for a multi-channel brand.  Their hello bar made it simple for the team to run multiple campaigns from overlays on the website to encourage newsletter sign up to personalised messaging on their social media channels.

The impact

Speedo now enjoys a much higher conversion rate than before.

Laura says one of the most notable benefits from the Digital Assistant was highlighting the shipping message to improve conversion rate.

“One of our main KPIs is our conversion rate, and Ve’s Digital Assistant knows the right time to target the right customers with the right message that will drive them to purchase not only what they came for but also a little more.”

This has driven an increase in sales, particularly in the family segment which was a key target as they have a higher average order value.

Another core benefit of the Digital Assistant is how adaptable it is. Speedo is using the tool to help them provide an even more personalised shopping experience by filtering their product portfolio to show the most relevant swimming products to that particular customer.  This not only increases conversion rate but also improves customer loyalty as customers have a truly individual shopping experience.


With Ve and the Digital Assistant you get a highly personalised tool, tailor-made to fit your company and its unique KPIs. Ve will design and implement a solution that will improve your onsite experience, increase customer conversion rate and loyalty and drive growth, enhance your current efforts and drive your goals.

In terms of setup, we integrate the digital assistant with your site with your input at every step of the journey, from the creative, the copy, and the scenarios. You also get access to your own account manager to discuss progress and any improvements you would like to implement. The best part? The Digital Assistant moves with you, the product is customizable and adapts to your company’s specific goals and needs.

It’s a full service solution making it quick and simple to integrate and manage. Ve works closely with the team during set up reviewing each step of the journey from the creative, copy and customer scenarios.  A dedicated account manager will then support the team once live with any improvements and tests the team would like to run alongside regular progress reports. The Digital Assistant adapts to your business as your product and business goals develop and change.

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