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CEO Jack Wearne featured on the latest Tech Leaders Podcast

CEO Jack Wearne featured on the latest Tech Leaders Podcast

Jack Wearne, CEO at Ve Global, has been featured in the latest episode of the Tech Leaders Podcast from bedigital UK which is now live. Jack has joined a list of established technology leaders, at some of the world's most incredible organisations.

In this candid and interesting conversation with the host, Gareth Davies, Jack speaks about everything from his background to advice and tips on executing strategy. Jack also speaks to the journey that Ve Global has been on over the past two years, moving from a company facing really tough circumstances to completely turning that around.

Talking points include:

  • How studying an MBA has helped Jack’s position as CEO at Ve Global
  • Ve Global’s previous tough times
  • Turning around Ve Global
  • Advice on executing strategy
  • The impact of phasing out third party cookies
  • The future for town centres and traditional retail

That and so much more. The podcast is now live for you to listen to wherever you get your podcast or you can listen here.

About Ve Global

Founded in 2009, Ve Global is a global technology company that provides eCommerce businesses with a managed-service of proprietary marketing software and digital advertising solutions. Ve's flagship product, Digital Assistant - "the personal shopping assistant for your website," helps sell products and support customers. It enables brands to recreate their in-store experience online - by providing a customer-friendly revenue optimisation toolkit that enables marketing teams to better support, guide, and inspire their customers at every step of the buying journey.

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