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Cervera increases conversion rate and AOV using Ve's Digital Assistant and Behavioural Email

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Cervera increases conversion rate and AOV using Ve's Digital Assistant and Behavioural Email

About Cervera

Cervera offers its customers a wide range of products for cooking, serving and presenting their home-made meals and bakes. The company has 600 employees today and 72 stores in various locations around Sweden.

In an environment where service and knowledge are key, the team at Cervera pride themselves on bringing maximum possible value to their customers.

The Challenge

At the first meeting with Ve, the Cervera team was generally pleased with the traffic flow to their site but saw that few of these visitors were completing their purchase.

Starting out with a focus on increasing conversions from category and product pages, the focus soon moved to the checkout page; where they saw greater potential in getting more visitors to convert.

The Solution

To overcome Cervera’s problem of high abandonment at the checkout stage, Ve implemented its Digital Assistant. This made it possible for Cervera to target and interact with visitors who showed intent to exit the site before completing their purchase.

The Digital Assistant encourages visitors to complete their purchase using a range of bespoke features, including tailored content, targeted messaging and AI based product recommendations. The extensive range of functionalities provides abandoning visitors with several different incentives to continue shopping and add more products to their basket.

In addition, Ve enabled its email remarketing solution which sent out personalised emails to visitors after abandonment. The emails contain the abandoned basket as well as AI based product recommendations, generated based on the visitors’ recent onsite activity.

This functionality made it possible to increase the average order value amongst customers who initially abandoned their basket; in addition to increasing conversions.

The Impact

Conversion rate per Digital Assistant shown

Higher average order value on transactions from Digital Assistant

Sales per email sent

"After a continuously good relationship with Ve, we decided to try their onsite engagement tool; the solution did not only increase conversions but also raised our average order value. The partnership was deepened when we, as one
of the first clients, enabled AI based product recommendations which raised KPI’s even more. The next step is to place the panel site-wide and relocate material, in order to further enhance online experiences for our customers and increase results.”

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