4 Ways Charities Can Implement Trust On The Donations Page

4 Ways Charities Can Implement Trust On The Donations Page

It’s a sad fact of eCommerce that it is easier to lose trust than it is to gain it. If a user encounters slow load times or poor navigation on a site for example, they’re likely to abandon and never return.

For organisations such as charities, especially those of the smaller or fledgling variety, it can be even more difficult to gain trust when you’ve got a limited marketing budget to work with.

Despite this limitation, there are plenty of ways to implement trust if you’re willing to put in the time and get creative.

1. Get iconic

One of the simplest ways to encourage trust is to show security icons. Users recognise these images as identifiers of trust seen across a variety of reputable eCommerce sites.

Security icons

It looks good to have payment method icons too to evoke credibility. Though if possible try to have a mix so that there are choices for everyone. If a user recognises icons that they have seen on other trustworthy sites, they will note that you are of the same calibre.

2. Get helpful

Put simply, you want the user to donate to your charity. So the process from initial click to donation needs to be as smooth and painless as possible.

Put all your contact details (phone number, email, address etc.) on show to indicate legitimacy and good customer service.

There’s no point having more than you need, but some information sections can be really useful. A comprehensive FAQ page/section could save you and the user valuable time and listing Privacy and Cookie policies inspires additional trust.

3. Get personal

Charities know that engaging with a potential donor on an emotional level is one of the best ways to encourage donations. The About Us section is therefore the optimum chance to engage the donor and give them your best sales pitch.

So use this section to display team bios, ideally with compelling images. A few lines on why a team member has a passion for charity or what they get up to in their free time can help the donor feel closer to your organisation and ultimately inspire them to donate. Consider too showing donor testimonials with a name, face and specific detail.

4. Get returners

A thoughtful follow-up thank you message after a donation is made is a pleasant way to encourage repeat donations. You could also invite the donor to share their experience on social media giving you some free advertising to boot. Finishing off the donor journey on a high note solidifies trust and will put you in the best position for repeat donations.

And there we have it. I hope this has been useful, and that if you’re not already, you consider trying some of these ideas. Trust is a difficult thing to implement online, especially on a budget. But ultimately it is earnt, and if your charity is honest, professional and inventive in the way it conducts itself, it will succeed. Read the full eBook on trust to drive even more donations onsite:

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