Email is not dead. Ve releases compliant remarketing.

Ve offers a unique and powerful remarketing package to seamlessly reconnect with your visitors while making sure you meet your legal obligations at the same time.


Ve’s remarketing product provides full GDPR compliance, including proof-of-consent storage, Single opt-in, Double opt-in and website native opt-in—consent collection functionality is also built-in. Ve remarketing is fully featured: audience segmentation, A/B testing, sequential messaging—everything you need to execute a KPI driven campaign.

How does it work?

Our email remarketing campaigns are designed with your customers in mind, harnessing individual browsing data to ensure we deliver the most relevant messages. By collecting emails on a pre or post-submit basis, we can help you build creative branded email remarketing campaigns that effortlessly reconnect with site visitors in a compliant way.

  1. Customer consent: Customer consent in required for sending any kind of remarketing emails. There are three ways to collect customer consent:
    1. Single opt-in: A customer fills out a checkout form, gives their consent via a Ve-controlled tooltip, clicks submit, and their information is saved to a mailing list.
    2. Double opt-in: A customer fills out a checkout form, gives their consent via a Ve-controlled tooltip, clicks submit, receives a confirmation email with a link which, when clicked, verifies their email address. This process is illustrated in the figure below.
    3. Website native opt-in: This option is very similar to the single opt-in process, the main difference being that we will read an already existing brand/client-controlled checkbox from the website.
  2. Abandonment / Sale: This step represents the outcome of a customer visit to your site and can be either an abandonment or a sale. In both cases, you can follow up with a nicely designed email to reconnect with your customer for various purposes such as reminding him of the products left behind in the basket or for offering a complementary product recommendation.
  3. Email: The actual responsive email or sequence of emails that helps you reconnect with your customer.

flow_diagram_double_opt_in (2)

Remarketing KPIs

Use email remarketing to improve a range of metrics and grow your business:

  • Build brand awareness and loyalty by engaging with customers on the device and channel they use.
  • Increase conversion rate and sales volume by bringing back to your website customers who have shown interest in your products but have not converted.
  • Increase customer life-time value by offering complementary product recommendations once customers have purchased.
  • Increase returning visitors rate by retargeting customers with emails.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by reengaging lost potential customers lower in the conversion funnel.
  • Reduce time to create product recommendations by harnessing customer browsing data and building relevant recommendations using wisdom-of-the-crowd algorithms.



  • Basket reminder: Capture a customer’s basket at the moment they leave your site and send personalised reminders of items in their shopping basket to bring them back to your website to place an order.
  • Product recommendations: Harness the power of consumer insights to send customers recommendations of products they may be interested in, encouraging them to return to your site to make additional purchases.
  • A/B testing: A/B split tests allow you to find the perfect messaging to get shoppers more engaged with your notifications. You can split test the email subject, copy and content for any reminder in your campaigns to generate engagement and maximize your overall conversion rate.
  • Multi-step campaigns: Schedule email flows at custom intervals to stay top-of-mind.
  • Audience segmentation: Create customized campaigns and send notifications based on the customers interest levels by segmenting the audience into interest groups. This allows more targeted messaging and offers. This feature only applies to campaigns with multiple steps. ‘Interested users’ are customers who have opened or clicked on at least one notification in a multi-step campaign. ‘Not interested users’ are customers who did not open or click on any notification in the campaign.
  • Mobile optimisation: It’s essential your emails are responsive, so we take the hard work out of mobile optimisation, so your campaigns look great on any device.
  • Single opt-in: Collect customer consent using our smart on-site widget.
  • Double opt-in: Collect customer consent using our smart on-site widget and a follow-up email to ensure email validity.


Case Studies

Learn how Ve’s email remarketing solution helped brands all across the globe drive more sales:


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