Go-to-market strategies for the new reality - Day 1

Go-to-market strategies for the new reality - Day 1

Busy day. Following Netflix’s lead, trying to be good internet citizens in the new reality by forgoing video on all our Teams calls. Some ideas great ideas are taking shape. Here are just a few of them:

  • How might we help local restaurants deliver the interaction of wait staff but through the customer’s website.
  • One of our teams is developing a Solidarity&Togetherness-as-a-Service solution that enables brands and their customers to help in winning the #COVID-19 battle by facilitating donations—at scale!
  • Two ideas for our client segment being hit the hardest. How might we help travel industry customers to provide important information to their clients in real time to reduce queue times. And how might we identify and save aspirational travel plans… we are not going to be grounded forever.
  • A team made up of people in the UK, Romania and Denmark are looking at a way to assist our existing clients with business continuity—using our geographically distributed workforce to solve resourcing issues for our customers should they arise.
If you own a business and would like to help us ideate, contact us we'd love to have more partners.



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