"Hack-to-market", go-to-market strategies for the new reality

Working in digital requires being comfortable with a rapid pace of change. The website you re-launched in Q1 feels dated by Q4. Develop a strategy for Snapchat only now everyone is on TikTok. Internet years are real. Just like it is for dogs, one year on the internet is like seven in human time. Constant evolution, disruption—you get used to it. But even the most seasoned among us could not have been prepared for the acceleration that is happening right now.

But when things start speeding up, the only thing you can do is step on the gas yourself. And that is what Ve is doing. Inspired by our development team’s recent hackathon, we are using today and Monday to hack go-to-market strategies to fit the new reality. What we would normally have done over the course of nine months we will be doing in two days.

All 190 of us at Ve, working (from home, ofc) in 10 countries, generating ideas for ourselves for our clients and for our communities.

Watch this space. We will be sharing our results and any businesses that would like to work with us on developing ideas, please get in touch!


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Posted by Josh Mortensen