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New donation feature - support the fight against COVID-19

We are launching a new Donation feature for our onsite tool, Digital Assistant. The donation feature makes it possible for our clients to direct visitors to organizations and charities helping in the fight against COVID-19. Setup is super simple, we do all the configuration and design.

Healthcare professionals are facing an extraordinary task during this pandemic. They need our support like never before. So our first version of the donation feature was created to support NHS staff in London. This version is available immediately. See it in action on our homepage. Or watch this video:



The idea is simple, but effective. At Ve we have more than a thousand clients and access to millions of online shoppers. We are encouraging our clients to direct visitors, post-sale, to charities' donation pages. There’s no hidden agenda and no cost. We are just trying to do our part to support the fight against the virus.

The donor feature is not limited to this example and it is not limited to the UK. It can be used for any charity and in any country. It is also not limited to our existing clients. Any business that would like to have this functionality on their site can contact us at



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