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Product Update: New to Digital Assistant – making guided selling even smarter

Rhian Greener
Rhian Greener
Product Marketing Manager
Product Update: New to Digital Assistant – making guided selling even smarter

Ever struggle to find exactly what you’re looking for online? Just wish there was someone (or something) to give you a helping hand? We did too.

Our latest Digital Assistant solution makes your guided selling strategy even smarter. Guided selling is more important than ever given our most recent research findings that consumers are missing in-store sales assistants. This trend is particularly prevalent when it comes to the more challenging products to buy online.

Introducing ‘Help Me choose’, a new way to recreate the in-store experience - online.

What is guided selling?

Quick recap – ecommerce leaders and marketing managers use guided selling to help customers make informed purchasing decisions online, in much the same way a real in-store shop assistant would.

There are a few tactics that could feed into this approach. At Ve, we define guided selling as simulating the in-store consultation process to help customers find and purchase the right products online.

There’s a big emphasis on ‘the right product’ because this isn’t purely about aiding search. Guided selling is designed to help customers make decisions by offering expert recommendations, based on their needs.

Why your customers love guided selling

Buying considered purchases online is hard

Sometimes, online shopping is hard. We recently conducted some research around the most difficult products to buy online and found two of the most common challenges to be ‘confusing product specifications’ (21%) and ‘not being able to ask a sales assistant for guidance or advice’ (21%).

Over a third (37%) of consumers said they find white goods challenging to buy online because they can’t ask a sales assistant for guidance or advice, with roughly the same amount (36%) feeling that the ability to ask questions and obtain advice on site would improve their online experience.

By offering a digital ‘consultation’, we can simulate that instore experience, demystifying technical products specs and offering similar value to an instore sales assistant.

There’s often too much choice

How often do you think: “10 pages of results? I can’t wait to scroll through 347 different laptops.” Never? Your customers are no different.

Choice overload is a well-known theory that the more choice you have, the harder it is to decide. Your customers become overwhelmed, especially if they’re not well versed in the product they’re buying.

Using guided selling to remove all irrelevant choices from the equation can really help focus the buying journey.

Signs it might be time to consider guided selling

Your buying journey involves ‘considered purchases’

If you sell a product that requires a degree of research by the customer, you’ve likely considered how you can reduce the time-to-buy online. Whether it’s fridges, office chairs, laptops or kitchen tiles, customers often rely on a conversation with an in-store shop assistant (or a lot of Googling) before they take the plunge.

Imagine how much value you could add to your customer’s buying journey if you ask them what they’re looking for up front, and pass on product recommendations as a result?

You can identify a category where traffic is high, but conversions are low

Seeing a product category with high traffic and low conversions is a clear indication that your current set up isn’t quite cutting it. The intent is evident in the traffic, but something is preventing customers following through to a purchase.

This is where Help Me Choose comes in. You can engage with customers to remove some of the frictions we’ve talked about - confusing product specifications, choice overload and not being able to get advice.

Your Digital Assistant

So how does the Digital Assistant support guided selling? We’re glad you asked. Our latest solution in Digital Assistant, Help Me Choose, allows you to create a Q&A flow with your customers.

Create a question and answer flow with you customers.

Get granular with your targeting

You can get specific with your audience, triggering content based on their behaviour. For example,  choose which product category the Digital Assistant will display in, and the length of time that should elapse before content is served.

Ask your customers what they’re looking for

By using two to three simple multiple-choice questions, you can cut straight to making targeted recommendations for your customers.

An example of how multiple choice questions can be used to provide specific recommendations to customers.

Fully customise the experience

As ever, our experienced design team will seamlessly integrate the Digital Assistant with your brand’s look and feel. You’ll have full control of the copy and design, without the need to supply artwork.

Digital Assistant's theme can be customised to match your brand.

Relax, we’ll do the heavy lifting

We’ll take the lead in getting your campaign live. You just need to provide feedback on our work and supply a product list against each decision ‘flow’.

Get actionable insights

By asking customers what they’re looking for in your product category, you’ll gain some valuable insights. Working with your Ve account manager, you’ll be able to report on which decision factors are most important to your customers, and which products were recommended the most often.

Use these insights to optimise your site merchandising or even inform your marketing campaigns.


We’ll sign off with a testimonial from one of our early adopter clients:

“Guided selling has allowed us to engage with our audience in a totally new way. Following the initial set up, we were able to help each visitor find the perfect Father’s Day gift quickly and easily, without lifting a finger.” Joanna Lewis, Founder, Parkin & Lewis

Already a customer? Speak to your account manager today to get up and running with Help Me Choose. New to Ve? Request a demo below to chat to a member of our friendly team.

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