Our Web Push Notification solution is now in Beta!

We’re pleased to announce the Beta release of our new remarketing solution, Web Push Notifications. Helping you to deliver relevant product reminders and promotional messages to customers after they leave your website.

What are web push notifications?

A push notification is a message that is delivered to a mobile or desktop device. Users don't have to be in the browser or using their devices to receive them and they can serve various purposes, for example; announce a flash sale or remind customers of relevant products. They do not require the users to share sensitive data such as their email address, positioning them as the ideal remarketing method to reach wider audiences. To get the most out of push notifications, they need to be timely, precise and relevant to each customer.


Why use web push notifications in your remarketing strategy?

It’s no longer enough to maintain and develop a mono-channel remarketing strategy, which traditionally focuses heavily on email remarketing. Adding additional channels helps overcome a series of challenges faced by brands today:

  • Spam filters result in missed opportunities to remarket to your customers
  • Specific legal restrictions (such as double click opt-in) are a threat to email remarketing effectiveness
  • Continued risk of falling behind the competition

How does it work?

Once a customer gives their consent, which is fully GDPR compliant, we can send helpful and unobtrusive messages straight to their device, regardless of what they are currently browsing. Our web push notifications can be sent to any customer, at any time - all they need is an internet connection.

There are three stages to web push notifications:

  1. Soft opt-in: The soft opt-in is controlled by Ve and can either be a tooltip in the top right-hand corner or can be shown via Digital Assistant. You can choose for the soft opt-in to be triggered based on one of 4 triggers: on page load, on inactivity, on exit intent or after a certain amount of time spent on site (decided by you)
  2. Hard opt-in: This is the allow/block pop-up (consent collection) that is controlled by the browser. We can design the background section (copy and image) encouraging customers to opt in but cannot control the actual browser pop-up which includes the allow and block button.
  3. Web push notification: The actual web push notification is shown in the bottom right hand corner a minimum of 10 minutes after the customer has left the website. This is where you have the ability to show relevant messages to your customers.


The benefits

  • Prompt and concise message delivery
  • Consent-based, GDPR safe
  • Real interest – notifications only sent to those who opt in
  • Easy subscription – requires one simple action instead of active engagement
  • Reach new users

How to get involved

As Web Push Notifications is currently a Beta release, we are looking for forward-thinking brands to join our testing partner programme, helping us to trial this exciting new product and gain insights that will guide the future development of the product.

Are you interested in joining our testing programme? Visit our Community page to find out all the information you need to sign up. You can also check out our Public Product Roadmap for an exclusive peak at all our past, current and future product developments.

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Posted by Emily Atkinson