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Product update: Join our Early Adopter Program

Rhian Greener
Rhian Greener
Product Marketing Manager
Product update: Join our Early Adopter Program

In our mission to create amazing digital experiences for you and your customers, we’re launching a brand-new Early Adopter Program!

This program is an opportunity for customers to work more closely with Ve in defining our future roadmap.  

Read on for full details.  

What is an Early Adopter Program?  

Early Adopter Programs are designed to help software companies create more customer-centric products.  

Customers are invited to join the program and given exclusive early access to trial new features before anyone else. There’s then an opportunity to provide feedback to make the feature even better before it’s fully released.  

Major tech companies like Apple and Google use Early Adopter Programs to get closer to their customers and ensure an excellent standard for each full release.

Ve’s Early Adopter Program

What will Ve’s Early Adopter Program entail?  

Be the first to know

By registering to our Early Adopter Program, you’ll be subscribing to a new monthly email all about the Digital Assistant. We’ll share insights into our roadmap, let you know what we’re currently working on and announce releases to you first, before anyone else.  

Have your say  

In the process of creating new features, it’s great to have customer input. So we’ll send the occasional survey to you for feedback on our plans, to better understand how you might use the technology we’re working on.  

Road test new capabilities

Last but not least, whenever we think you’ll be a great fit for a new feature, we’ll invite you to test it out in the early stages – providing your feedback on how we can improve the Digital Assistant to work better for your brand. In road testing new features in this way, you’ll get ahead of the competition, with access to cutting edge digital experiences for you customers.

A warm welcome

Oh, and one last thing. We’ll also send you a welcome gift to thank you for coming on board!

Open invite

All customers are currently invited to join our Early Adopter Program – we look forward to welcoming you to the club.  

Register today  

Keen to join the club? Great! We’d love to have you. Register here.

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