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Retargeting has been a critical, occasionally controversial part of the digital media mix since it became widely available in 2010. Bringing visitors—who were expensive to attract in the first place—back to a site is a powerful tactical marketing tool. But there has not been much innovation since adwords made it available at scale almost a decade ago: place pixels, create segments, (all too often) remove frequency capping, optimize for clicks, done.

Creating ever more granular segments is effective but it still just a piece of the puzzle. The next step in the evolution of retargeting is connecting the ads to the onsite experience.

Custom landing pages can be effective in specific situations. A/B and multi-variate testing both have their place. Both tend to need a significant amount of traffic to generate results and they are both reactive, they start at the visit not the source. And all of them, landing pages and onsite testing are both disconnected from advertising.

Proactive not reactive. Engaged not passive.

Your site will always be doing the heavy lifting for conversion. But a dynamic ad that dumps a user back on a product page is not likely to be the most effective strategy. Unless, of course that user was going to complete the purchase anyway, regardless of the ad.

This is the piece retargeting vendors are missing in their effort to deliver results—capturing the click is one thing, making sure a return visit is relevant and engaging is another. Retargeters are not closing the loop. If their setup is correct, they should have a significant amount of knowledge about a site visitor but because they are ads only, the focus is simply cranking clicks and leaving it up to the site to complete job.

Proactive onsite messaging, based on retargeting data, increases engagement and drives the sales, the newsletter registrations and leads businesses need.

Many martech companies provide the tools to include this kind of communication more organically. But their focus is onsite events. Like retargeters, they are also not closing the loop. There is the advertising and there is the website and never the twain shall meet.

This is where Ve can help (you knew this was coming, right?). Our onsite engagement tools are built to connect directly with retargeting ads, closing the loop. Resurfacing that voucher code, highlighting the benefits of membership to a user who dropped out of the on-boarding funnel, playing the product video—using the segmentation and knowing where a user clicked or even just saw an ad we connect the promotional message with the visit.

We see as much as double digit lift on conversion rates and ROAS when campaigns connect to onsite versus legacy retargeting alone. Retargeting that goes beyond a click is the  innovation this powerful advertising tactic needs.

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Posted by Leo McInnis

VP of Sales, North America at Ve Global