Retargeting Tuesday is the Ecommerce Event You've Never Heard of

If you have a website and use it to sell goods or services, then you'll be aware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest eCommerce holidays in the marketing calendar.

More than 3 in 5 Black Friday sales conversions took place on mobile in the UK last year, traffic was up 224% on normal levels, and Brits spent £968 million on Cyber Monday.

But have you given any thought to Retargeting Tuesday?

What is Retargeting Tuesday?

You can be forgiven for missing the memo on this one, as Retargeting Tuesday (or ‘Bounceback Tuesday’), is a relatively new addition to the eCommerce lexicon.

The basic premise of the shopping day is to reinforce the two more established preceding days by retargeting customers who have abandoned your site.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about conversions (so sales, donations, subscriptions – or whatever constitutes a conversion for your site). And whilst these days are very successful, the average basket abandonment rate is generally around the 80% mark, and only 5% of visitors typically return naturally to convert.

This means that there are a huge number of abandoners who are highly engaged, warm leads just waiting to be re-engaged by you. Retargeting Tuesday is all about targeting exactly this traffic.

What can you do to get involved?

Use cart recovery emails to re-engage abandoned users

In the excitement of the Black Friday weekend, many people add items to their basket but then for a mix of reasons don't decide to complete the purchase. With cart recovery emails, you can send personalised, highly-targeted emails to the visitors who have left your site, and open up opportunities to encourage them back.

With our client Vodafone, for example, we sent product feed emails that enabled users to resume their abandoned basket and complete their purchase. These emails also featured personalised subject lines that increased open rates by 5.06%, whilst the overall email click-through rate increased by 94.6%.


Vodafone logo
Read the full Vodafone case study here

Serve programmatic display ads to encourage site returners

Another great way to attract high value users back to your site following the Black Friday weekend is through targeted and personalised retargeting adverts. By harnessing behavioural audience data, you can create personalised and creative ads that deliver the right message at the right time to an individual user.

With our client Great Western Railway, for example, we served dynamic and individualised display ads based on a range of insightful data points. We also segmented the site’s pages by each major stage of the buyer journey so only the most relevant and timely ads were delivered. The highly targeted ads drove almost 29,000 conversions in just one month, driving an ROI of over 11,000%.

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Read the full Great Western Railway case study here

If you weren’t already aware of Retargeting Tuesday, I hope this blog has brought you up to speed on what the shopping event is and how you can get ready for it. It's an opportunity that goes largely untapped as retailers prepare more comprehensively for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so well worth your attention to get the edge on your competitors.

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