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The Future of Programmatic Advertising: 17 Predictions for 2017

Ellie Hubble31/08/17 16:05

Programmatic advertising. The crunching of numerous sources of data to present the right ad, at the right time, to the right person. But with technology evolving so quickly, what does the future hold? We’ve looked at the numbers, asked the experts and analysed all the trends to bring you our 17 programmatic predictions and trends to keep on top of for 2017.

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Retargeting Tuesday is the Ecommerce Event You've Never Heard of

Ellie Hubble18/07/17 11:27

If you have a website and use it to sell goods or services, then you'll be aware of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest eCommerce holidays in the marketing calendar.

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Programmatic Advertising this Christmas: 5 Steps to Attracting New Customers

Ellie Hubble11/07/17 10:36

If you didn’t get the memo, programmatic advertising is the instant targeting of prospective leads through display adverts, driven by extensive data-led insight.

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4 Pre-roll YouTube Ads That You Wouldn’t Want to Skip

Kate Rogerson24/05/17 10:20

Pre-roll video advertising is a controversial topic. Whilst many advertisers deploy them throughout the internet to great effect, others avoid them at all costs, believing them to be ineffective and even potentially damaging to brand image.

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Does Data Have a 'Best Before Date'?

Ellie Hubble24/04/17 16:46

More consumer data is being collected than ever before.

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Which is the Best Social Network to Advertise on?

Lian Brooks24/04/17 14:59

A social network is used to connect people with one another, though they have now also become a prime way to connect users with brands.

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Ve Continues to Put Brand Safety First

Ellie Hubble13/04/17 10:17

It’s been a dramatic year so far in the world of digital advertising and brand safety, with concerns over ads appearing next to inappropriate content prompting some brands to pull advertising spend.

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3 Digital Trends for 2017 that will Transform the Retail Industry

Ellie Hubble13/03/17 10:48

Retail in 2016 saw the biggest Black Friday ever, the depreciation of the pound make the UK an attractive destination for tourist shoppers, and the growth of mobile shopping over desktop skyrocket.

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Is Demand for Programmatic Audio Getting Louder?

Kate Rogerson02/03/17 10:02

In today’s B2B world, programmatic advertising has been increasingly proving its worth as marketers take advantage of the efficiency and in-depth targeting it can provide. However, another advertising channel is now fighting hard to get itself heard. This is programmatic audio.