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Does Data Have a 'Best Before Date'?

Ellie Hubble24/04/17 16:46

More consumer data is being collected than ever before.

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The 5 Most Impressive Examples of Data Visualisation

Kate Rogerson21/02/17 09:29

There are two main ways we translate and understand information in our minds. One - verbalisation, through reading words. Two – visualisation, through looking at images. Both have benefits, but numerous studies have shown that for many people, understanding and retaining information is easier through visualisation – transferring words and numbers into visual imagery.

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What Do Your Cookies Say About You?

Ellie Hubble06/09/16 09:37

Cookies are shrouded in mystery and distrusted by many. But are they the figurative ‘bogeyman of the 21st century for websites and their visitors’ or merely misunderstood?

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The Difference Between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Data

Ellie Hubble24/08/16 08:47

The importance of data is well-known in the world of digital. From predicting disease patterns to calculating the Euro 2016 champion – the power of data is steadily permeating our society.  But arguably less well-known is the data itself. Could you confidently explain the basic differences between 1st party data, 2nd and 3rd, without looking it up? If not, we’ve got the blog for you.