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The Future of Programmatic Advertising: 17 Predictions for 2017

Ellie Hubble31/08/17 16:05

Programmatic advertising. The crunching of numerous sources of data to present the right ad, at the right time, to the right person. But with technology evolving so quickly, what does the future hold? We’ve looked at the numbers, asked the experts and analysed all the trends to bring you our 17 programmatic predictions and trends to keep on top of for 2017.

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Does Data Have a 'Best Before Date'?

Ellie Hubble24/04/17 16:46

More consumer data is being collected than ever before.

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Which is the Best Social Network to Advertise on?

Lian Brooks24/04/17 14:59

A social network is used to connect people with one another, though they have now also become a prime way to connect users with brands.

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Ve Continues to Put Brand Safety First

Ellie Hubble13/04/17 10:17

It’s been a dramatic year so far in the world of digital advertising and brand safety, with concerns over ads appearing next to inappropriate content prompting some brands to pull advertising spend.

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The 5 Most Impressive Examples of Data Visualisation

Kate Rogerson21/02/17 09:29

There are two main ways we translate and understand information in our minds. One - verbalisation, through reading words. Two – visualisation, through looking at images. Both have benefits, but numerous studies have shown that for many people, understanding and retaining information is easier through visualisation – transferring words and numbers into visual imagery.

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Does My Fledgling Retailer Need an Online Marketplace to Survive?

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 15:34

The online marketplace has revolutionised how we shop online. They give people a single destination from which they have access to a myriad of brands and products – the concept is as old as time, of course, but instead of Harrods, Westfield and Walmart we’re talking about Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

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How Data Can Help Bootstrapped Startups Create Authentic Brand Experiences

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 14:46

Evoking sensations, cognitions, and behavioural responses in your customers is the very pinnacle of executing brand experiences well.

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7 Food Delivery Industry Trends for 2017

Ellie Hubble07/02/17 10:10

The culture of food delivery and ordering online is evolving at an impossibly fast rate. Once common behaviour, the weekly shop at the supermarket or the rare treat of a weekend takeaway have now transformed beyond recognition.

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7 Ecommerce Predictions for 2017

Ellie Hubble22/11/16 11:37

The world of eCommerce is growing exponentially.