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Why tech alone is not enough to guarantee programmatic advertising success

Emily Atkinson21/01/19 15:36

Spot an opportunity – or challenge – related to your digital strategy and the solution will often involve the research, purchase and implementation of new technology designed to tackle it head on. This is as much the case with programmatic advertising effectiveness as any other channel.

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Is digital advertising performance all about click through rates?

Emily Atkinson13/12/18 17:57

Click through rate has long been hailed as the holy grail of digital advertising performance, when in reality, clicks only paint part of the picture.

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It's time for banner advertising to get the attribution it deserves

David Marrinan-Hayes01/11/18 15:50

New technologies and attribution techniques can help improve and prove the impact of the internet’s stalworth advertising format.

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How to improve your digital advertising effectiveness

Emily Atkinson24/09/18 12:42

More channels, strategies and increasingly sophisticated technology have all contributed to the consistent growth of digital advertising over recent years, growth which is set to continue as digital ad spend is predicted to increase by a further 3.5% in 2019. As more brands see the value, and necessity, of running digital advertising for acquisition and retargeting, marketers must be looking at how they can maximise the effectiveness of online advertising at every opportunity.

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What exactly is programmatic advertising?

Emily Atkinson30/05/18 13:22

The term programmatic has become synonymous with digital advertising, but despite its popularity, there’s often still confusion about the true meaning of the term, whether its remit has changed in recent years and how it works in the context of display and video advertising today. We’re here to set the record straight and give every marketer the confidence to tackle programmatic in 2018 by answering the question; what exactly is programmatic advertising?

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5 ways to improve the success of your programmatic advertising campaign

Emily Atkinson03/05/18 12:58

With digital advertising spend predicted to grow by 4.7% in 2018, according to WARC, brands must focus on improving the performance of their campaigns if they want to outclass the competition. As brands allocate more and more budget to advertising, it’s a common expectation that such campaigns will deliver an increased return on investment. However, it takes more than just money to make a success of programmatic advertising and relies on brands optimising their campaigns to get the most for their money.

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The Future of Programmatic Advertising: 17 Predictions for 2017

Ellie Hubble31/08/17 16:05

Programmatic advertising. The crunching of numerous sources of data to present the right ad, at the right time, to the right person. But with technology evolving so quickly, what does the future hold? We’ve looked at the numbers, asked the experts and analysed all the trends to bring you our 17 programmatic predictions and trends to keep on top of for 2017.

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Programmatic Advertising this Christmas

Ellie Hubble11/07/17 10:36

If you didn’t get the memo, programmatic advertising is the instant targeting of prospective leads through display adverts, driven by extensive data-led insight.

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4 Pre-roll YouTube Ads That You Wouldn’t Want to Skip

Kate Rogerson24/05/17 10:20

Pre-roll video advertising is a controversial topic. Whilst many advertisers deploy them throughout the internet to great effect, others avoid them at all costs, believing them to be ineffective and even potentially damaging to brand image.