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Which is the Best Social Network to Advertise on?

Lian Brooks24/04/17 14:59

A social network is used to connect people with one another, though they have now also become a prime way to connect users with brands.

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Ve Continues to Put Brand Safety First

Ellie Hubble13/04/17 10:17

It’s been a dramatic year so far in the world of digital advertising and brand safety, with concerns over ads appearing next to inappropriate content prompting some brands to pull advertising spend.

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Is Demand for Programmatic Audio Getting Louder?

Kate Rogerson02/03/17 10:02

In today’s B2B world, programmatic advertising has been increasingly proving its worth as marketers take advantage of the efficiency and in-depth targeting it can provide. However, another advertising channel is now fighting hard to get itself heard. This is programmatic audio.

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What Can We Expect for Programmatic Video Advertising in 2017?

Kate Rogerson28/02/17 09:41

Programmatic has taken over the world of advertising. Efficient and cost-effective with great targeting capabilities, programmatic has revolutionised how we buy and sell digital advertising – and improved it for all involved.

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What is AdChoices and How Does it Affect Advertisers and Consumers?

Ellie Hubble11/01/17 09:36

Concerns about data privacy, the standard of advertising and consumer targeting are consistently important issues in the digital space.

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Digital Advertising - The 5 Worst Types Online

Kate Rogerson27/07/16 12:22

Digital advertising receives mixed reviews. Whilst industry experts reveal its continuing revenue increase, there are critics who condemn it – and rightly so. Because whilst some forms of digital advertising are hugely powerful, too many advertisers, too frequently, are using and designing online ads that are obtrusive and unhelpful to the end user.

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Problematic Programmatic? The Definitive Guide

Kate Rogerson07/04/16 11:54

Programmatic advertising has an undeniably huge number of terms and acronyms associated with it. From RTB to DMP, it can make you feel like you will never get your head around it.

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Weird Advertising: 5 Brands Getting it Right

Kate Rogerson21/03/16 09:58

How many ads do we see a day? Some say 5000, 3000 or even 362 - quite frankly, no one seems to know for sure. But one thing we do know is that ads everywhere are fighting over our attention.