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3 Steps to a Strong Brand Voice

Ellie Hubble31/05/17 10:32

It takes just 50 milliseconds for a user to make a judgement about a business and its products. Branding plays a huge part in this, defining company image and values through components like a logo, slogan, typography, content and visuals.

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UX Design: 9 Travel Brands Getting it Right

Ellie Hubble23/05/17 10:24

Booking a holiday - be it a flight, a cruise, a hotel, or all of the above - is a big decision. It’s a high consideration purchase that prospective bookers don’t take lightly.

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5 Marketing Buzzwords to Avoid in 2017

Ellie Hubble05/04/17 14:37

Digital marketing is full to the brim with strange buzzwords and confusing jargon. So much so that it can be hard to know what some words mean at all and which ones to sidestep. To help you out, we’ve done a bit of blue-sky thinking to bring you 5 marketing buzzwords that finally need to exit in 2017.

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The 5 Most Impressive Examples of Data Visualisation

Kate Rogerson21/02/17 09:29

There are two main ways we translate and understand information in our minds. One - verbalisation, through reading words. Two – visualisation, through looking at images. Both have benefits, but numerous studies have shown that for many people, understanding and retaining information is easier through visualisation – transferring words and numbers into visual imagery.

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How Data Can Help Bootstrapped Startups Create Authentic Brand Experiences

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 14:46

Evoking sensations, cognitions, and behavioural responses in your customers is the very pinnacle of executing brand experiences well.

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11 Brand Slogans that got Lost in Translation

Ellie Hubble05/01/17 09:07

There are approximately 6,500 spoken languages in the world today, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that things can go wrong when brands try to internationalise their branding. From one country’s culture to another, translating marketing campaigns abroad can be a veritable linguistic minefield.

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What Does Millennial Even Mean?

Ellie Hubble08/11/16 10:06

Everyone has their idea of what it means to be a millennial.

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6 Creative Examples of Newsjacking in Digital Marketing

Ellie Hubble11/10/16 09:41

Newsjacking. The process of linking your brand to topical news stories with the aim of generating media attention. Done well it can be amusing, poignant, and an effective way of spreading positive brand awareness. Done badly however, and it can be forced, awkward and even offensive.

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11 Marketing Automation Stats That Will Surprise You

Kate Rogerson05/09/16 10:08

Marketing automation has become a keyword of the online world. Type it into Google and you are swarmed with almost 7 million search results. However, far from joining the mass of short-lived and meaningless buzzwords, automation is growing year-on-year.