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6 Creative Examples of Newsjacking in Digital Marketing

Ellie Hubble11/10/16 09:41

Newsjacking. The process of linking your brand to topical news stories with the aim of generating media attention. Done well it can be amusing, poignant, and an effective way of spreading positive brand awareness. Done badly however, and it can be forced, awkward and even offensive.

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11 Marketing Automation Stats That Will Surprise You

Kate Rogerson05/09/16 10:08

Marketing automation has become a keyword of the online world. Type it into Google and you are swarmed with almost 3 million search results. However, far from joining the mass of short-lived and meaningless buzzwords, automation is growing year-on-year.

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25 Content Marketing Experts You Should Follow on Twitter

Ellie Hubble22/06/16 12:27

Infographics, timelines, interactive sites, content hubs… whatever content marketing means to you, it’s undoubtedly becoming a larger and larger part of a marketing strategy across all sectors. For example:

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Is Your Travel Website Beach Commerce Ready? [Infographic]

Ellie Hubble06/06/16 10:16

Travel marketers are busy all year round offering potential bookers the best deals and trips, but it's when the summer sun starts to make an appearance that marketers have their work cut out for them. Browsers search for that perfect summer trip and travel companies do their best to give it to them. But are they doing enough?

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7 Tech Predictions that Didn't Come True

Kate Rogerson05/04/16 12:26

In 1900, John Watkins predicted the birth of the mobile phone, digital photography and television. Whilst these revolutionary claims came true, many others haven’t been blessed with such accurate foresight. This blog will reveal seven of these tech predictions that were excessively optimistic, misguided and positively wrong.

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10 Creative Valentine’s Day Ads and Campaigns

Kate Rogerson08/02/16 15:18

Some count down the days to Valentine’s Day, waiting eagerly for the excuse to treat your other half and the opportunity to express your love for them. Others brandish Valentine’s as the ‘hallmark’ holiday, promoted by retailers to drain us of our well-earned money. Either opinion you take, every year retailers create some great campaigns around this celebration, utilising all channels and tones.topshop

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10 Christmas Campaigns That Left a Lasting Impression

Christmas is coming. It'sone of the key dates in every eCommerce calendar, and each year, we're wowed by the campaigns that brands create.