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Which is the Best Social Network to Advertise on?

Lian Brooks24/04/17 14:59

A social network is used to connect people with one another, though they have now also become a prime way to connect users with brands.

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7 Food Delivery Industry Trends for 2017

Ellie Hubble07/02/17 10:10

The culture of food delivery and ordering online is evolving at an impossibly fast rate. Once common behaviour, the weekly shop at the supermarket or the rare treat of a weekend takeaway have now transformed beyond recognition.

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6 Creative Examples of Newsjacking in Digital Marketing

Ellie Hubble11/10/16 09:41

Newsjacking. The process of linking your brand to topical news stories with the aim of generating media attention. Done well it can be amusing, poignant, and an effective way of spreading positive brand awareness. Done badly however, and it can be forced, awkward and even offensive.

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Will Drone Delivery Become Reality?

Kate Rogerson26/09/16 10:26

In the past year, speculation about the possibility of delivery drones has rocketed, fuelled by the likes of Amazon’s Prime Air and Google’s Project Wing.