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How iGaming is embracing personalisation to build better online experiences

Emily Atkinson15/02/19 14:24

There’s no question that the iGaming industry – which today includes online gaming, casinos and sports betting – is booming. In fact, it’s growing at such an exponential rate that 11% of total internet traffic now comes from online casino players. With such opportunity ahead, brands are realising the need to deliver outstanding experiences if they want to acquire their share of new players.

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5 ways to turn one-time gift shoppers into repeat customers

Emily Atkinson14/11/18 16:41

When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Turkey, crackers and presents probably all feature. But how often do you think about what lies behind them? For ecommerce marketers it should be a common thought, as with any good Christmas present comes a path to purchase, either in-store or online, with each one representing a significant opportunity.

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It's not too late to optimize your Black Friday strategy

Leo McInnis08/11/18 15:13

The final quarter of the retail calendar is well-underway, with key dates including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas fast-approaching. While the majority of holiday season strategies will have been finalized months in advance, as we reach this critical period in the annual shopping calendar brands cannot afford to become complacent and must be constantly optimizing their campaigns if they want to capitalize on these opportunities.

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How to deliver product recommendations that will improve conversion rates

Emily Atkinson23/10/18 09:50

Product recommendations come in all shapes and sizes, using different algorithms and technology, and with varying levels of success. Brands that use a product recommendation engine on their website do so in the hope that they will improve conversion rates, but not all product recommendations will hit the mark with customers. To do so, they need to be intelligent, personal and most of all, relevant.

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The 5 ecommerce shopping modes: What are they and why should brands care

Emily Atkinson11/10/18 16:41

Context. One of the defining factors behind a visit to a website, yet one that so many brands fail to consider when targeting their customers online. As while many brands attempt personalisation based on who customers are, very few build online experiences that place a focus on relevancy.

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The most important thing you don't know about your customers

Emily Atkinson04/10/18 15:24

Imagine you’re sat in a branch of a leading high street travel agent – for the second time this week – trying to finally finish booking your family holiday. You’ve decided on the villa. You’ve checked the dates. And you’re ready to pay. But the agent serving you has other ideas and demands you browse some alternative destinations, as they relentlessly slide brochure after brochure across the desk. Meanwhile, a few feet away, another customer is being coerced into providing passport details for their entire family, despite their insistence that they’ve only just returned from holiday, and simply want some inspiration on where to go next year.

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How to improve your digital advertising effectiveness

Emily Atkinson24/09/18 12:42

More channels, strategies and increasingly sophisticated technology have all contributed to the consistent growth of digital advertising over recent years, growth which is set to continue as digital ad spend is predicted to increase by a further 3.5% in 2019. As more brands see the value, and necessity, of running digital advertising for acquisition and retargeting, marketers must be looking at how they can maximise the effectiveness of online advertising at every opportunity.

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Improving the shopping experience with eCommerce personalisation

Emily Atkinson27/04/18 11:17

Have you ever been tempted to send your latest content, message or promotion to your entire database, in the hope of reaching the largest possible audience? It seems logical that the more people that see your content, the more conversions you’ll achieve. Unfortunately for brands, a large reach doesn’t always result in engagement and in many cases adds little value to sales.

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APAC travel bookers seek more personalised experiences

Emily Atkinson26/04/18 12:33

With online abandonment rates in Asia Pacific’s travel industry still worrying high, travel brands should be looking towards personalisation if they want to strike a chord with APAC travel bookers and turn browsing into bookings.