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Better consent, better quality - email remarketing

Josh Mortensen25/11/19 16:02

Anxiety lingers but the fear of a GDPRmageddon seems to have been overblown. Now CCPA is impending and even US businesses will have to contend with the new privacy regime—you can’t just pretend California doesn’t exist the way some of North America pretended Europe didn’t when they just blocked access from EU IPs. Compliance will soon be important for everyone.

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Why push notifications are the remarketing trend to watch

Emily Atkinson08/08/18 10:34

Remarketing has become a core element of B2C marketing strategies, implemented by consumer facing brands for its ability to re-engage visitors and increase conversions. However, in the wake of GDPR, marketers were left uncertain about whether remarketing would continue to be such an effective strategy, particularly with email signifying arguably the most popular channel. A few months on, has email remarketing survived the change in data regulation and how can adding alternative channels to the mix boost results?