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5 Ways SMBs can Compete with Big Brands this Black Friday Weekend

Ellie Hubble01/08/17 08:51

For many SMBs, the Black Friday Weekend is a difficult sales holiday, not least because of the challenge of competing against the larger eCommerce players. Realistically, most SMBs cannot afford to match their price cuts and deals, nor gain the same levels of increased traffic over the weekend.

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10 Key Ecommerce Dates in the Countdown to Christmas 2017

Ellie Hubble06/07/17 12:06

It’s not easy being an eCommerce retailer. It seems there’s always a new online shopping holiday to get ready for and it can be difficult to keep up. We’ve all heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but do you have a strategy in place for some of the lesser-known eCommerce events?

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The Psychology of Social Proof: 7 Simple Steps to Increasing Onsite Sales

Ellie Hubble04/07/17 11:13

With almost 70% of consumers looking at online reviews before making a purchase, social proof is a hugely effective tool for encouraging customers to complete transactions. Here, we explore how you can harness this psychological principle to eliminate uncertainty on your site and drive more conversions.

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3 Steps to a Strong Brand Voice

Ellie Hubble31/05/17 10:32

It takes just 50 milliseconds for a user to make a judgement about a business and its products. Branding plays a huge part in this, defining company image and values through components like a logo, slogan, typography, content and visuals.

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Boost Your SEO with Inbound Links

Lian Brooks12/04/17 10:25

Google receives over 59,000 searches per second. But whilst search volumes are high, the abundance of content available online makes it difficult to reach the top of the ranks. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) and inbound links come in.

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Small and Medium Retailers, We Need to Talk about Website Abandonment

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 15:35

Jean-Baptiste Theard, chief product officer at Ve, explains how retailers can fight back against website abandonment.

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Does My Fledgling Retailer Need an Online Marketplace to Survive?

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 15:34

The online marketplace has revolutionised how we shop online. They give people a single destination from which they have access to a myriad of brands and products – the concept is as old as time, of course, but instead of Harrods, Westfield and Walmart we’re talking about Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

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How Data Can Help Bootstrapped Startups Create Authentic Brand Experiences

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 14:46

Evoking sensations, cognitions, and behavioural responses in your customers is the very pinnacle of executing brand experiences well.

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Why Ve Launched a Self-service Platform

Kate Rogerson25/01/17 10:22

For many years Ve has been helping big brands convert more of their website visitors through a combination of onsite engagement tech, data insight and in-house expertise.