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The Psychology of Social Proof: 7 Simple Steps to Increasing Onsite Sales

Ellie Hubble04/07/17 11:13

With almost 70% of consumers looking at online reviews before making a purchase, social proof is a hugely effective tool for encouraging customers to complete transactions. Here, we explore how you can harness this psychological principle to eliminate uncertainty on your site and drive more conversions.

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Which is the Best Social Network to Advertise on?

Lian Brooks24/04/17 14:59

A social network is used to connect people with one another, though they have now also become a prime way to connect users with brands.

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6 Creative Examples of Newsjacking in Digital Marketing

Ellie Hubble11/10/16 09:41

Newsjacking. The process of linking your brand to topical news stories with the aim of generating media attention. Done well it can be amusing, poignant, and an effective way of spreading positive brand awareness. Done badly however, and it can be forced, awkward and even offensive.

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Ve | 15 Travel Marketing Campaigns

Kate Rogerson03/06/16 14:50

The travel industry is a competitive field, but with this competition comes great innovation and creativity. From online to offline and social to video, the travel sector has created some great marketing strategies over the last century.

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10 Creative Valentine’s Day Ads and Campaigns

Kate Rogerson08/02/16 15:18

Some count down the days to Valentine’s Day, waiting eagerly for the excuse to treat your other half and the opportunity to express your love for them. Others brandish Valentine’s as the ‘hallmark’ holiday, promoted by retailers to drain us of our well-earned money. Either opinion you take, every year retailers create some great campaigns around this celebration, utilising all channels and tones.