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4 Pre-roll YouTube Ads That You Wouldn’t Want to Skip

Kate Rogerson24/05/17 10:20

Pre-roll video advertising is a controversial topic. Whilst many advertisers deploy them throughout the internet to great effect, others avoid them at all costs, believing them to be ineffective and even potentially damaging to brand image.

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Digital Advertising - The 5 Worst Types Online

Kate Rogerson27/07/16 12:22

Digital advertising receives mixed reviews. Whilst industry experts reveal its continuing revenue increase, there are critics who condemn it – and rightly so. Because whilst some forms of digital advertising are hugely powerful, too many advertisers, too frequently, are using and designing online ads that are obtrusive and unhelpful to the end user.

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10 Christmas Campaigns That Left a Lasting Impression

Christmas is coming.  It's one of the key dates in every eCommerce calendar, and each year, we're wowed by the campaigns that brands create.