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How onsite UX is shaping the future of retail

Adam Barley15/03/19 10:46

A guest post by Adam Barley, Head of Product Design at Ve Global.

Today’s marketers are fortunate enough to have more channels at their fingertips than ever before. And while every channel will require a different mix of expertise, strategy and objectives, they all have one thing in common; a connection with the onsite experience.

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4 tips to improve website conversion rates with customer engagement

Emily Atkinson27/03/18 17:04

As businesses continually look for ways to achieve meaningful growth, each year marketers are tasked with meeting increased traffic and lead targets. However, whilst delivering tons of visitors to your website may tick an important box on the KPI sheet, it’s no good if they aren’t converting into customers.

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DACH Travel Industry Hit Hardest by Customer Hesitation Online

Emily Atkinson06/03/18 12:19

Ahead of ITB Berlin, the world's leading travel trade show, our exclusive data insights reveal how the travel industry still hasn't solved online abandonment, which has increased year-on-year across Europe, and how personalisation across the customer journey could be the remedy.

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The Psychology of Social Proof: 7 Simple Steps to Increasing Onsite Sales

Ellie Hubble04/07/17 11:13

With almost 70% of consumers looking at online reviews before making a purchase, social proof is a hugely effective tool for encouraging customers to complete transactions. Here, we explore how you can harness this psychological principle to eliminate uncertainty on your site and drive more conversions.

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UX Design: 9 Travel Brands Getting it Right

Ellie Hubble23/05/17 10:24

Booking a holiday - be it a flight, a cruise, a hotel, or all of the above - is a big decision. It’s a high consideration purchase that prospective bookers don’t take lightly.

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Site Search - the Psychology Behind its Effectiveness

Kate Rogerson17/05/17 09:58

The world of online search is developing at such a rate that it may soon be unrecognisable from how we knew it a mere ten years ago. Visual search, inputting images rather than words in a search request, has been steadily growing in line with our ever-growing obsession with taking photos. Voice search has even greater potential, often being touted as the future of search as we know it, with 50% of search requests expected to be made via voice by 2020.

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Digital Assistant - 5 Key Benefits of Ve's Onsite Engagement Solution

Kate Rogerson10/05/17 11:29

Last year, we proudly unveiled our revolutionary approach to onsite engagement in the form of Digital Assistant (formerly known as VePanel). Acting as your helpful online shop assistant, the solution provides an enhanced user experience to guide your visitors through their online journey.

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Boost Your SEO with Inbound Links

Lian Brooks12/04/17 10:25

Google receives over 59,000 searches per second. But whilst search volumes are high, the abundance of content available online makes it difficult to reach the top of the ranks. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) and inbound links come in.

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5 Simple Google Analytics Hacks to Optimise Your Online Store

Ellie Hubble15/03/17 08:51

A Guest Post by Jared Carrizales, Founder at Heroic Search