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A (Joyful) Farewell to the Pop-up Overlay

Kate Rogerson08/03/17 11:07

The 1990s was a turning point for the internet. At the beginning of the decade, there were only 3 million internet users across the world. Jump forward 12 years this figure rose to 558 million. The effect this had on advertising was unprecedented.

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Small and Medium Retailers, We Need to Talk about Website Abandonment

Graham McEnroe15/02/17 15:35

SME [small and medium-sized enterprises] retailers.

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Digital Assistant - Ve's Onsite Engagement Solution for Driving More Sales

Kate Rogerson14/02/17 14:04

Today’s online browsers can be difficult to please. When they’re on your site, an abundance of situations can inspire negativity within them – and with the flick of a switch, they’re gone.

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Why Ve Launched a Self-service Platform

Kate Rogerson25/01/17 10:22

For many years Ve has been helping big brands convert more of their website visitors through a combination of onsite engagement tech, data insight and in-house expertise.

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Do Web Designers Dream of Pixelated Sheep?

Ellie Hubble03/08/16 09:36

A Guest Post by Ve’s Director of Art, Anthony Lewis

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The Rise and Fall of the Pop-up Ad - and What's Set to Replace it

Kate Rogerson11/07/16 12:04

Since the creation of online advertising in the 1990s, the web has been irreversibly changed – and the pop-up ad has certainly played a huge part in this. From revolutionary to irritating to hated, this blog will take you through the history of the pop-up, why it has become such an unpopular form of online advertising and the industry-first alternative to it.

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The Bauhaus Effect in Modern Web Design

Ellie Hubble06/07/16 14:23

A Guest Post by Ve’s Director of Art, Anthony Lewis

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UX, Onsite Engagement and the Psychology of Web Design

Ellie Hubble30/06/16 10:41

In illuminating new research from the IAB, surveying 283 brand marketers and agency buyers:

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4 Ways Charities Can Implement Trust On The Donations Page

Ellie Hubble20/05/15 10:55

It’s a sad fact of eCommerce that it is easier to lose trust than it is to gain it. If a user encounters slow load times or poor navigation on a site for example, they’re likely to abandon and never return.