Ve Continues to Put Brand Safety First

Ve Continues to Put Brand Safety First

It’s been a dramatic year so far in the world of digital advertising and brand safety, with concerns over ads appearing next to inappropriate content prompting some brands to pull advertising spend.

Here at Ve, however, we are confident in our brand safety measures, and are committed to providing consistently outstanding customer service for brand clients and publisher partners.

Ve’s brand safety policy

Long-established industry accreditation

To ensure we’re marketing-leading in our brand safety measures, we underwent an external audit several years ago, conducted by the independent authority ABC. As a result, we are accredited with the EDAA trust seal for our adherence to its online behavioural advertising policies.

We are also a signatory to the JICWEBS/DTSG UK Good Practice Principles, adhere to the Digital Trading Standards Group Good Practice Principles, and work with Pipcu (Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) which provides us with access to the Infringing Website List.

“Concerns surrounding brand safety mean the advertiser is rightly demanding more certainty in the placement of their ads. As an industry we need to deliver on this."

Graham McEnroe, PR & Outreach Manager at Ve

Unique verification process

To ensure our safety strategy is bulletproof, we have also developed our own verification process. All inventory we access goes through a three-stage process including both automated and manual checks, ensuring everything is ‘VeVerified’.

Firstly, we only buy advertising space through our demand-side platforms’ audited inventory, which undergoes a visual human check for a brand's safety when it is on-boarded.

Secondly, we have a dedicated analytics and publishing team who consistently review our delivery to ensure that brand safety is upheld. The team analyses all metrics to flag anything suspicious and, in the event of anything being flagged, action is swiftly taken to remove or monitor the inventory source.

And finally, we license third party brand safety companies including Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify and Peer39 to further ensure brand safety at a pre and post bid level. This validates the work we do and ensures that our internal measures are up to date.

“Brand safety has taken centre stage in programmatic news recently but at Ve it has always been our main priority. Our multi-layered approach ensures maximum brand safety on a campaign and we are always willing to take guidance from the client on any specific needs.”

Molly Gregory, Head of Trading - UK at Ve

Dynamic whitelists and blacklists

Blacklists are used at placement, website, publisher and seller level to help us remove unsuitable websites from our inventory pool. We ensure that all of these blacklists are monitored and updated on a regular basis. Exchanges are constantly growing with the addition of new inventory, so we ensure our blacklists are constantly evolving and reacting to such growth.

"The media has been dominated this year by topics like fake news, ad fraud, and brand safety. But we’re confident that we have a solid and evolving strategy in place to ensure our clients’ brand safety."

Freya Lucas, Account Director at Ve

For our full Brand Safety Policy, click here.

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