Why Ve Launched a Self-service Platform

Why Ve Launched a Self-service Platform

For many years Ve has been helping big brands convert more of their website visitors through a combination of onsite engagement tech, data insight and in-house expertise.

However, we want to make sure that smaller businesses are being provided for too, helping them to engage their customers onsite and grow their business.

This is why Ve's Self-service platform has been launched. Wrapping our award-winning tech into one easy-to-use platform, smaller businesses can now effortlessly use our solutions and set up their very own online shop assistant – turning browsers into buyers and driving sales.

Need more persuading? Take a look below to see how Ve’s Self-service platform can solve your challenges as a small business wanting to grow.

Challenge: I want to be in control of my own campaigns

How Ve’s Self-service platform solves this: Using Ve’s Self-service platform you have the complete say in how you launch and run your campaign. You set it up in a few simple steps. You customise the design and messaging to match your brand. And you launch it when you’re ready to start driving sales.

And if at any time you want to change these details, simply log back in to the platform, make your edits and save – and all your changes will be instantly updated.

Challenge: I don’t have the time or manpower to learn how to use new tools

How Ve’s Self-service platform solves this: Ve’s Self-service platform is designed to make your life as easy as possible. From setting up your site with a few clicks of your mouse to customising your panel with our easy-to-use editors, every step is straightforward and quick so you don’t need to spend hours of your day understanding how to use it.

So set it up, sit back, relax – and watch the sales come in.

Challenge: I lack the budget for expensive 3rd party tools

How Ve’s Self-service platform solves this: The price of many 3rd party tools can be daunting, either demanding a high upfront cost or taking such a high commission that your margins are uncomfortably squeezed.

This is where Ve’s Self-service platform is different. Firstly, payment is based on a commission model with no upfront costs. In other words, you are only charged when we help you make a sale. Secondly, unlike many high-costing CPA models, we only charge a 5% commission so you can keep your profit margins high.

Challenge: I just don’t have the time to do my own reporting

How Ve’s Self-service platform solves this: Reporting on your marketing strategies is extremely important, but it can be a very time-consuming and admin-heavy task. Understanding this, we have designed an in-built reporting dashboard that collects all the important data you need to know about your campaigns. And to top it off, this is all presented in a clear and easily-digested format – saving you time (and sanity!)

To find out more about Ve's Self-service platform and understand how it works, take a look at the video we've created below:


So what are you waiting for? Learn more about how you can launch, customise and manage your own online shop assistant below.

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