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Ve launches Connected Experiences: a unique and intelligent way to optimise your marketing spend

Don Draper has no idea how good he had it in the 50s. Drinks in the office, drinks at lunch, blissfully ignorant that the cigarettes were killing him and three simple advertising channels: Print, Radio, TV. Everyone saw the same ads in the same places. And in Don’s day, every advertiser had a store and knew half of their ads budget was wasted. Didn’t know which half and didn’t care.

Today, advertisers don’t often have stores, but they do have websites and many more choices than print and TV. There are social platforms, search and programmatic digital, direct digital, retargeting, more channels, more formats and many more opportunities for promoting products or services than ever before. They also have a better idea of where their spend is going and where that 50% or more of wasted budget comes from.

Despite the proliferation of channels and digital’s ability to measure and connect like nothing before, the promotion model is fundamentally the same. Advertising is planned, created and executed in one department. Web merchandising and brand in another. Independent of one other. Disconnected.

This was just how it had to be in the analogue world of print, TV, bricks and mortar. But this same game of hot potato is still taking place today. Ad campaigns bring potential customers to the door but that is where the advertising responsibility ends. The Ecommerce store then needs to complete the sale but has no idea who these customers are, or where they came from. Advertisers spend time planning the targeting and crafting the messaging but cannot influence the onsite experience of the people they bring to site. Websites are designed for all visitors, regardless of source and cannot easily adapt the messaging even if they were able to influence advertising. The offsite activity is disconnected from the onsite experience which produces a confused and inconsistent journey for the customer.

And it is not working very well. The stats make this very clear:

  • 0.46%  - average CTR across all industries
  • 50% - average bounce rate for direct traffic 
  • 56% - average bounce rate from display
  • 54% - Average bounce rate from social
  • Less than 1.5% - average conversion rate 

But in digital, the disconnect from the advertising message to the website is not necessary, and certainly shouldn't be a given in modern day advertising. The stats can be improved!

Connected experiences – Ve completes the loop

Connected experiences – Ve completes the loop

All of our experiences as consumers are individual. Ad targeting and dynamic creatives mean we do not see the same digital ads as the person next to us. Nor do we see ads in the same places. We experience very different kinds of ads all at once, text ads in search, banners, video, and native content ads.

This fragmentation presents the most important marketing challenge for eCommerce businesses: how to make advertising match the onsite messaging and experience. And by “match” it is not just the design and content, almost more important is the data and visitor behaviour.

The challenge is significant:

  • 74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content—offers, ads, and promotions—have nothing to do with their interests.
  • 88% of U.S. marketers reported seeing measurable improvements due to personalisation
  • Personalised homepage promotions influenced 85% of consumers to buy

These are the problems Ve solves with Connected Experiences. And with the next evolution of our onsite engagement tool Digital Assistant now live, we close the loop. We provide marketers a unique tool-kit that makes the most of their digital marketing investment - joining a customers’ experience with offsite marketing channels to a personalised experience on the website.

Site visitors are identified by the campaign source, including users arriving post-view, having seen the advert but not clicked. Our integrated email remarketing and web push notifications make sure the conversation with customers keeps going, bringing them back to the website. The data is then leveraged by Digital Assistant, delivering relevant onsite messaging. Behavioural signals are used to trigger the communication at key touch points to personalise the customer journey.

Getting connected improves effectiveness

Joining offsite to onsite just works. And providing relevant engagement to visitors to personalise their journey improves performance.

This is what connected experiences are delivering for our clients:

  • A popular cosmetic brand deployed a complete connected experience engagement strategy, from discovery to purchase, resulting in​ 21.8% increase in revenue per visitor
  • A top British consumer electronic retailer connected their ads campaign to DA and saw the conversion rate increase by 57%.
  • A US electronics retailer connected their Q4 retargeting to Digital Assistant and had a 19% higher return on ad spend (ROAS) vs the disconnected campaign.

Marketing is never simple—even for Mr. Draper, having fewer channels presented its own challenges. And it will only get more complex as digital grows and evolves. But the Connected Experiences tool-kit is a layer that manages that complexity. When the message and the data continue on to the website and connect again after a visitor has left it creates a unique opportunity for conversation with the customer that marketers have not had.

Connected Experiences - the intelligent way to optimise the your marketing spend.

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