Digital Assistant 5 Key Benefits of Ve's Onsite Engagement Solution

Digital Assistant - 5 Key Benefits of Ve's Onsite Engagement Solution

Last year, we proudly unveiled our revolutionary approach to onsite engagement in the form of Digital Assistant (formerly known as VePanel). Acting as your helpful online shop assistant, the solution provides an enhanced user experience to guide your visitors through their online journey.

So let’s take a look at the key benefits of Digital Assistant and see how it could increase your site's conversions by up to 24%.

Alternative to pop-up overlays

In the mid-1990s, Ethan Zuckerman invented pop-up adverts. A revolutionary creation at the time, he now describes them as “one of the most hated tools in the advertiser’s toolkit”,"one of the most hated tools in the advertiser’s toolkit" damaging user experience and brand image. Ve’s aim was therefore to create an onsite engagement solution that could replace these unpopular elements – this is Digital Assistant.

Rather than jumping out in the centre of the screen as a pop-up overlay does, irritatingly disrupting the user’s experience, Digital Assistant is unobtrusively positioned to the right of the screen. This increases engagement by 2.6x, whilst ensuring it doesn’t intrude on the user’s experience. Importantly too, Digital Assistant can be matched to any site’s design and branding, ensuring full integration with your site. American Soda have begun using Digital Assistant and this is what their Marketing Manager Ben Greenwood had to say about it:

"We love the look of the new Digital Assistant. It's far better than the pop-up we used to have and we're confident it will outperform any other implementation of this kind.  We would recommend Digital Assistant and Ve Global to any online retailer."

Enhanced user experience

Digital Assistant puts the customer first. Every element has been crafted to improve the user’s onsite experience, helping them to find what they want and guide them to purchase.

To achieve this, the onsite engagement solution contains a range of features and messaging to cater for every type of shopper persona. There is a ‘Browsing history’ tab that offers links to previously browsed products, allowing a user to effortlessly return to items browsed earlier. There is also a search bar inserted into Digital Assistant that indexes all the site’s products, helping the user to navigate the site.

And if a user has placed items in their basket but cannot purchase at that given time, Digital Assistant offers to send an email containing their basket contents, allowing them to complete their purchase when it best suits them – and without having to laboriously place every item back into their basket.

Highly targeted messaging

With vast amounts of data at our fingertips combined with intelligent tools, marketing communication must be personalised – and Digital Assistant takes this to another level.

When a customer arrives on your site, Digital Assistant profiles the visitor’s onsite activity. Combining this behavioural data with demographic data, Digital Assistant delivers targeted messages to the user, drawing their attention to what matters most to them. Below are two examples of this data-driven messaging:

  1. Promotional messaging encouraging the customer to stay onsite, with dynamic capabilities subject to the user’s cart value to provide the most appropriate incentive.
  2. Product recommendation that suggests items the customer may be interested in based on their browsing history and similar customer profiles.


Consistency of design is crucial to every company because it reinforces brand identity. This in turn helps you to stand out from competitors, as well as build trust between you and the user, helping to rid the customer of any hesitancies to purchase.

To ensure this, our in-house design and UX teams ensure each panel is brand-native, faultlessly matching the site’s design and style and fully integrating with any branding. This improves trust and subsequently, boosts engagement.

Mobile responsive

As mobile shopping continues to surge, Ve has ensured that Digital Assistant is fully responsive to mobile as well as desktop. Its fully adaptable interface allows panels to integrate smoothly into the user experience, whether the customer is shopping on tablet, smartphone or laptop. As many as 27% of visitors leaving your site on a mobile device will engage with Digital Assistant, increasing your mobile sales by up to 19.7%.

Moreover, Digital Assistant's mobile exit triggers are fully compliant with the latest Google standards, ensuring you retain your SEO rankings.

Ve's onsite engagement solution says goodbye to the disruptive traditional pop-up overlays of the past, instead providing improved user experience. This, combined with highly targeted messaging, creates the perfect tool to keep your customer onsite and, ultimately, boost your conversion rate.

Don't just take our word for it - get in touch today to see what Digital Assistant can do for you.

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