Visualising the move online - conversion rates

Visualising the move online - conversion rates

Conversion rates and online activity are trending upwards in countries that are pursuing social distancing. More people are buying more online. Not revelatory. But it suggests getting more shoppers to your site is still important. If the chance a visitor converts is increasing, prospecting investment may make more sense than ever.

It will be interesting to see if these increased conversion rates will hold. Online sales are showing some signs of plateauing—though at a higher level—it will be interesting to track if visits continue to convert at higher rates. 

We see in several markets that retailers in categories where businesses have remained primarily offline have a significant opportunity to use this increased activity to define their online presence. An example, grocery retailers, who have been approaching online cautiously, are in a defining moment. Their businesses have suddenly become digital. The companies that can nail their customer experience now, delivering value to these new shoppers, can position themselves as market leaders. They are poised to excel in the new reality.

Conversion rate = sales/sessions








Our two outliers, the UK and Sweden are seeing a slight uptick. But it follows a deep dip.




The data is tracking total sessions and sales across a broad range of merchants. It does not include data from the travel sector.


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