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Digital advertising just got more powerful

Waste fewer opportunities. Make every experience count. 

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Digital advertising just got more intelligent

Connecting advertising to onsite experiences

Our industry-first solution connects digital advertising to the onsite experience, utilizing Digital Assistant to display relevant content to the ad in an onsite overlay. This means you can target visitors with the most relevant and engaging content in real-time after every ad, whether they clicked or viewed.


The challenge

The disconnect between advertising and marketing technology represents one of the biggest online challenges for brands today. The lack of unification between the two has led to an industry-wide issue of wasted advertising spend, as well as underperformance.


is spent annually on digital advertising

0.1%  average CTR on display

90%  of ads are post-view

68%  of paid traffic bounces

As online competition grows, not only is acquisition getting more expensive, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to retain acquired traffic onsite. This has resulted in low average conversion rates across ecommerce and an over-reliance on traditional engagement solutions such as pop ups, that only serve to disrupt online journeys.

The opportunity

16%  increase in time on site leads to 10%  rise in sales.

7%  correlation between pages per visit and transaction.

10%  reduction in bounce rate leads to 15%  increase in traffic at the top-of-the-funnel.

15%  increase in traffic remaining onsite.

Same budget, more value. 

Whatever you currently spend on digital advertising, we can help you achieve a greater return on your advertising investment.

Regardless of whether you run digital advertising with our in-house DSP or use a third party, our patent-pending technology connects any paid advertising to your onsite experience.

Waste fewer opportunities. Make every experience count.

How it works


Works with advertising campaigns through any DSP


Fully dynamic to deal with many campaigns and user types


Post-click activation and post-view activation


Integrate ad creatives into onsite campaigns



Reduce bounce rate on your website


Increase ROAS and the efficiency of your digital campaigns


Generate more opportunities to sell


Deliver relevant messages on your homepage, in real-time


Bring more value back to brand and post-view campaigns


Improve top-of-the-funnel traffic

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