Digital Advertising

Programmatic video advertising.

Dynamic, interactive and engaging brand awareness and retargeting campaigns that spark interest and action from new and existing audiences.

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Programmatic video advertising that inspires, from start to finish.

Programmatic video advertising that inspires, from start to finish.

Inspire new and existing audiences with dynamic and engaging programmatic video advertising campaigns.

From brand awareness through to retargeting, video advertising provides an interactive addition to display advertising, helping you to capture the attention of new and existing audiences. Benefitting from the efficiencies of programmatic advertising, we work with brands to create high performing prospecting and retargeting campaigns that engage audiences at every opportunity.

Add value with every play

Using extensive consumer insights from our data management platform, we target audiences from prospecting through to conversion, with limited waste.

Continually optimised against performance criteria and utilizing our in-house demand side platform (DSP) to place videos on the best publisher sites, we create programmatic video campaigns that enhance the customer journey and add value with every view.

Add value with every play

How it works

We provide multiple solutions for Digital Advertising, including our own Demand Side Platform, Data Management Platform and independent Trading Desk capabilities, all of which help us take video advertising campaigns from conception to life. We work with each client to identify the most effective strategy for every campaign.



Capture the attention of new audiences with in-content video advertising. Create prospecting and retargeting campaigns that build awareness with pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads.


Embed video advertising within contextually relevant website content. Expand your reach and target audiences that matter most with in-read and in-display video ads.


Why Ve?

Reach new audiences

Using extensive data within our DMP, identify and reach new audience groups with video ads for brand awareness and prospecting.

Re-engage with past visitors

Serve dynamic retargeting adverts that bridge the gap between branding and performance by personalizing videos with relevant messages.

Cross-device campaigns

Deliver consistent messaging to each individual, regardless of what device they're using.

Programmatic efficiency

Achieve precision audience targeting at scale, leveraging real-time-bidding to access inventory across billions of impressions.

Media Trading expertise

Support from an expert Trading Team who utilize performance-focused bidding algorithms to ensure efficiency of spend.

In-house technology

Utilise Ve’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) with bidding algorithms designed to meet campaign objectives and KPIS.

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Bauer Media Group

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How to get started

From the moment you first engage with Ve, we will work in partnership with you to plan and deliver impactful and high performing programmatic advertising campaigns. Every one of our clients is unique, and that’s how we treat them.

Ve automatically optimises video for delivery across a range of connection speeds and device types. You can see an overview of the creative requirements for the display ads we serve here. Once on board, we will work with you to ensure all creatives are fully compliant.

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