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Build onsite experiences driven by customer intent with Digital Assistant, designed to intelligently engage every visitor.

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Digital Assistant
Know what your customers want, build experiences they won’t forget

Know what your customers want, build experiences they won’t forget

Digital Assistant understands true customer intent to deliver messages your visitors want to receive, at the most appropriate moment on their journey.

We distil extensive consumer insights into five key shopping modes which encompass every stage of the ecommerce journey. By understanding why each customer is on your site, Digital Assistant will compose the most relevant features to create a highly personalized browsing experience, helping guide them through their journey to purchase.

Same website, more intelligent

Digital Assistant campaigns intelligently respond to customer intent in real-time, helping you build powerful onsite engagement strategies without the need to change your existing website.

Flexible, customizable and designed to meet your needs, choose from Digital Assistant’s range of features and smart triggers to build impactful and relevant onsite experiences that will inspire and engage every mode of customer.

Same website, more intelligent


Shopping modes survey

Shopping modes survey

Uncover the reasons behind every visit to your website

  • Understand the true intent of your customers
  • Map tangible patterns of behavior to inform relevant opportunities for engagement
  • Categorize your audience into 5 behavioral shopping modes

Contextual messaging

Address the pains, needs and motivations of your customers in real-time

  • Compose unique, personalized messages for every visitor across your website
  • Intelligently align content and messages with the context of a user's visit
  • Test and optimize messages to achieve maximum engagement and conversions
Contextual messaging
Voucher codes

Voucher codes

Inspire customers to complete their purchases with tailored content and personalized offers

  • Share voucher codes and discounts with customers at the most appropriate stage of their shopping journey
  • Reward loyal customers with exclusive offers and incentives
  • Personalize voucher codes with dynamic messaging based on criteria including potential order value

Product recommendations

Inspire customers with personalized product recommendations at every stage of their journey

  • Autonomously surface relevant product recommendations across your website based on user profile, page type, product type and more
  • Deliver recommendations with intelligent behavioral algorithms for every step in the customer journey
  • Measure the effect of product recommendations on engagement and average order value
Product recommendations
Browsing history

Browsing history

Remind customers of products they previously browsed to guide them to purchase

  • Capture the browsing history for each customer during their session
  • Collate all previously viewed items into one easy to access list
  • Provide more in-depth descriptions of products and provide a direct link back to purchase

Basket save and send

Give customers the option to return to complete their purchases another time

  • Customers can enter their email or phone number to receive a copy of their basket via email or SMS
  • Share product features of basket items with customers off-site
  • Measure the impact of basket sends on return visits and conversions
 Basket save and send
Social sharing

Social sharing

Encourage customers to share products they like on social media

  • Customise social sharing messaging to incentivize customers to share products they are interested in or have purchased
  • Increase brand awareness and drive new traffic from social media
  • Thank customers who share your products with custom messages and voucher codes

Search assistance

Help customers to easily find what they are looking for on your website

  • Customers can search for whatever item they are looking for
  • Immediately surface matching products in a list with additional information
  • Direct customers to the product page to make a purchase
Search assistance
Automated product bundling

Automated product bundling

Inspire customers to add additional items to their basket with assistive recommendations

  • Surface contextual product recommendations when a customer adds a product to their basket
  • Customize messaging to achieve maximum effect for your brand
  • Increase the average order value of each transaction

Smart triggers

New vs. returning visitor

For visitors that are new or returning.

By segmenting visitors based on whether they have visited your site before, Digital Assistant will trigger to show each visitor more contextually relevant content.


For visitors that show no sign of action.

If there is no activity on a page for a specified timeframe, Digital Assistant will launch to re-engage visitors with their browsing.

Exit intent

For visitors that show signs of leaving.

By predicting when a visitor is about to exit your website, Digital Assistant will deliver engaging messaging to encourage them to spend longer on your website.

Offsite activity

For visitors that viewed or clicked your other channels.

Connect offsite interactions, whether that be via digital advertising or email, with your website by displaying a consistent message on page load.

Back button

For visitors that are unsure.

When a visitor clicks the back button, choose from Digital Assistant’s range of features to help them find the products they are looking for.

CTA click

For visitors that take action.

Launch Digital Assistant when a visitor clicks your ‘Add to basket’ CTA, triggering messaging that will guide them to convert.


Get more from your website

Increase conversion rate by effectively guiding customers through the purchasing process.

Relevant content and recommendations

By understanding what your customers want, and why, Digital Assistant delivers personalized and relevant messaging and experiences.

Optimized for performance

The interface adapts to all devices, while AB testing allows you to test and measure campaigns to guarantee the most successful results.

Fully customizable

Seamlessly integrates with your website, ensuring no disruption to your customer’s browsing experience.

Automated personalization at scale

Intelligently deliver personalized content and messages for every visitor to your website, at each stage of their journey.

Increase average order value

Encourage your customers to make additional purchases by recommending products they may be interested in.

Connect your website to your advertising channels

Seamlessly connect your onsite engagement strategy to your digital advertising campaigns to deliver a more consistent and relevant experience across the full customer journey.

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Connect your website to your advertising channels

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