SMS alerts.

Re-engage mobile-first consumers with your brand using SMS alerts to reach them wherever they are.

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SMS alerts
Remarketing optimized for mobile

Remarketing optimized for mobile

Target customers across all the devices they interact with when you add concise and impactful SMS alerts to your remarketing strategy.

Designed to engage mobile-first customers that left your website, send promotional messages and shopping cart reminders that capture the attention of your customers wherever they are, inspiring action and encouraging them back to convert.

Consistency across channels

Customise SMS alerts to send relevant messages to your customers, reminding them of their recent carts and your latest offers.

By seamlessly collecting phone numbers at any point in a customer’s online journey, you can discreetly target high intent visitors with impactful SMS remarketing messages that will not only drive them back to your website but motivate them to purchase. Using our extensive insights into consumer behaviour, we create SMS alerts that are not only relevant, but consistent with all your remarketing channels.

Consistency across channels

How it works

By capturing phone numbers during registration, we can deliver dynamic remarketing messages to a visitor’s mobile device, powered by data collected during a user’s session. Our in-house teams can help you to create high performing SMS alerts, using AB testing to continually optimise campaigns and maximise the 160 characters available.

Basket reminder

Shopping cart reminder

Respond to customers who abandon their carts with timely SMS reminders that remind them of your products, helping you to convert more sales.

Promo codes

Give customers an incentive to revisit your website with mobile promotions and exclusive promo codes that inspire them to purchase.

Promo codes

Why Ve?

Customer focus

Deliver customer-focused messages driven by onsite behavior and actions.

Re-engage high intent browsers

Remind site visitors of their abandoned carts or incomplete transactions with dynamic remarketing alerts.

In-house expertise

Get maximum value for every character with SMS messages optimized by our remarketing experts.

Diversify channels

Effortlessly reconnect with your site visitors across more than one channel when you add SMS alerts to your remarketing mix.

Increase average order value

Encourage your customers to make additional purchases by sending offers and product reminders straight to their mobile.

Offline connection

Keep your brand front of mind with customers, even when they aren’t connected to the internet.

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How to get started

How to get started

From the moment you first engage with Ve, we will work in partnership with you to plan and deliver impactful SMS alerts. Every one of our clients is unique, and that’s how we treat them.

From strategy through to design and delivery, our in-house team are experts in designing helpful and valuable SMS-based remarketing, tailored for your business.

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