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Find out how Ve helped Liverpool FC implement Digital Assistant and digital advertising to boost online merchandise sales.


Increase in online merchandise sales


Email click-through rate


Email click to conversion rate

About Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC is one of the most celebrated football teams in the world. Despite its strong base in the UK, its brand is known and loved across the globe, with supporters ranging from Asia to America. Merchandise sales are a highly important contribution to any professional football team. In light of this, Liverpool FC Retail was looking to boost its online merchandise sales

With an industry abandonment rate of 81%, Liverpool FC Retail’s main aims were to encourage users to stay onsite, increase their online merchandise sales and re-engage users post abandonment.

Ve tackled these challenges by implementing and continually optimising a zero-risk CPA strategy at every major stage of the buyer journey. This incorporated the Digital Assistant, email remarketing and display retargeting.

We continue to be very account management team at Ve. This has seen our revenue grow year on year, with every aspect of our site – from promoting sales during key kit launches, to helping boost sales through the rest of our trading year.


Engaging on site with data-led messaging

Beginning with Digital Assistant, Liverpool FC Retail tackled their high abandonment levels by engaging visitors with customised, dynamic messaging when they showed intent to leave. By applying Ve’s vast pools of user data, the tool was highly personalised, enabling Ve to engage the user and drive conversions.

Liverpool FC

Driving abandoned customers back

To complement Ve’s onsite strategy, its offsite email remarketing solution was implemented, encouraging abandoned customers to revisit the site scheduling, Ve achieved an email click-to-conversion rate of 55.8%

Ve’s digital advertising solution was also deployed to serve programmatic retargeting ads based on a range of individual user data points. This, combined with on-brand design and continual optimisation, protected brand image and drove visitors back to Liverpool FC Retail’s online store to complete their purchase. Overall, Ve’s campaign drove 27+% of Liverpool FC Retail’s online merchandise sales.

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