Ve Solves Disconnect Between Ads and Onsite Experiences with Launch of New Patent-Pending Tech for UK Brands

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In a bid to close the gap between advertising and marketing technology, UK–based Ve Global (Ve), has launched ‘Product Unification: Advertising to Onsite’ – an industry-first solution that acts in real-time to connect digital ads to onsite experiences, allowing brands to maximise their ad spend by unifying the online customer experience.

With £10bn spent on digital advertising in 2017, the UK is the largest market for traffic-orientated advertising in Europe. Despite this investment, between 70-90 per cent of the traffic driven to landing pages by paid digital advertising ‘bounces’ – often due to intrusive, un-personalised or irrelevant experiences when users arrive onsite.

This disconnect between digital advertising and onsite experiences represents one of the biggest online challenges for UK brands and retailers today. £750m was wasted in the UK on mobile ads that failed to generate onsite traffic last year alone. Ve has developed a patent-pending remedy to reduce this type of wastage, by integrating its onsite product Digital Assistant as a media extension to advertising campaigns.

The solution, which works for both retargeting and prospecting campaigns, identifies customers who have either viewed or interacted with an advert. If the customer lands on the website organically or if they click on the ad, Digital Assistant deploys in real-time, to display contextually relevant and personalised messages and content related to the ad, via an intelligent overlay.

Leah Roberts, Head of Acquisition at Bauer Media and an early adopter of Advertising to Onsite, said:

“90 per cent of all digital ads are seen but not clicked on. Even once an ad has been selected, brands have difficulty retaining acquired traffic onsite, which leads to low conversion rates. Ve’s Advertising to Onsite solution will enable us to target visitors with the most relevant and engaging content after every ad, whether they clicked or viewed.”

Roberts plans to integrate Ve’s solution across Bauer’s magazine subscription platform:

“As the home of some of the biggest magazines in the UK, Bauer Media wanted the Great Magazines website to offer frictionless and personalised journeys – enabling customers to find and purchase subscriptions for Grazia, Empire and those other titles they love.”

“By connecting the discount codes for magazine subscriptions displayed on paid advertising to the Voucher Code feature via Ve’s onsite Digital Assistant, we are able to offer a seamless cross-channel customer experience that accelerates the path to purchase for our customers.”

“This simple but effective deployment eases friction between ads and onsite, and enables us to take far more from our existing digital spend, by running multiple ad campaigns that require one landing page as opposed to dozens.”

Some of the key features Digital Assistant deploys to link relevant content to an advert once it has been clicked or viewed include; sequential and promotional messaging, product recommendations and bundling, basket save and send, and browsing history.

All of these features are designed to generate more opportunities for brands and retailers to sell online, by reducing bounce rate, increasing engagement and time onsite, improving top-of-the-funnel traffic, and delivering personalised experiences to customers in real-time.

Ve CEO David Marrinan-Hayes believes occupying the middle ground between the advertising and marketing sectors allowed the business to trace where ad spend was going to waste and develop a unique remedy to match.

“Advertising to Onsite is the culmination of 9-years’ work by Ve to facilitate the unification of advertising and marketing technologies. Over 65 per cent of all brands currently lose out on potential revenue by using disparate marketing tools, and we are confident that Product Unification will go a long way to solving this major issue.”

Advertising to Onsite is available now and can be integrated with Ve’s DSP ‘Volvelle’ or whichever DSP the client is using. Ve also plans to launch more solutions in its Unified Product stack by connecting email, Web Push Notifications, paid search and social media to onsite experiences. This is a further investment towards Ve’s vision of connecting customer journeys, from discovery through to purchase.



Click here for Advertising-to-Onsite product information and brand case study:

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