Brands Almost Triple Online Sales During Biggest Ever Hot Sale Event

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  • Brands Almost Triple Online Sales During Biggest Ever Hot Sale Event
Posted July 10, 2018
  • New Hot Sale report from Ve Global revealed a sales uplift of 148 percent for participating brands
  • Compared to an average shopping week, consumers spent over 35 percent more per purchase
  • Demographic insights discovered 21-30 years-olds spent the most money and men carried out the majority of shopping (57 percent).
  • Consumers spent 37 percent more time shopping compared to an average week

10th JULY, MEXICO CITY: Brands participating in Hot Sale 2018 saw their online sales increase on average by almost 2.5 times compared to a standard shopping week, a new in-depth report from marketing and advertising technology business Ve Global (“Ve”) has revealed.

Ve, which powered the Hot Sale website with its product search and discovery platform ‘Shopomo’, discovered a sales uplift of 148 percent after analysing millions of online transactions from hundreds of brands.

The research, carried out in coordination with The Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO, is designed to better understand the impact of Hot Sale on Mexico’s ecommerce market and what empowered customers during the sales event. The report also reveals exclusive insights on customer demographics, behaviours, and spending habits.

Compared to a normal shopping week consumers spent more than 35 percent more per transaction during Hot Sale and shopped for roughly 10 minutes longer - representing an increase of 37 percent compared to an average shopping week.

To further emphasise this increase customer proficiency, 30 percent of shoppers purchased more than one product per transaction with 70 percent of all transactions involved 3 products or less.

Further insights revealed showed that shoppers viewed an average of 10 products before making a purchase with half of all product searches carried out via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Demographic analysis found that 57 percent of all online shopping during the event was carried out by men and the most dominant age range was 21-30.

David Marrinan-Hayes, CEO at Ve, said: “Ve’s exclusive data reveals a number of intriguing insights and highlights the impact Shopomo had on the Hot Sale user experience. Customers were far more motivated to buy compared to an average day and abandonment – where a customer leaves an online basket without making a purchase – dropped significantly during the week. “

The full report is available for free download here.

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