Ve Global joins alliance to promote Romanian eCommerce in the Polish market

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  • Ve Global joins alliance to promote Romanian eCommerce in the Polish market

Ve Global will be providing it’s engagement technology tool-kit for ecommerce to a new alliance supporting Romanian businesses expanding into the Polish market. The goal of the alliance is to help Romanian entrepreneurs scale their businesses aboard, starting with Poland.

Ve joins Blugento, a Cluj-based company specialized in providing eCommerce solutions based on the Magento platform, Frisbo, a smart fulfilment platform with the largest presence in CEE, and , parcel shipping and delivery experts with the largest network of pick-up points in CEE.

Combined, the four companies offer the entire ecosystem needed for online business success. And Poland is an important first market. At €11 billion in the B2C segment alone, it is 4 times larger than the home market.

"We are excited to be joining these great companies on this initiative”, says Toma Matei, SVP CEE at VE Global. “Together we offer a complete package of services and broad ecommerce expertise. We will be able to provide businesses the entire ecosystem needed to expand online businesses in Poland, ” he says.

The alliance estimates that an online store can start selling on the Polish market in 30 - 60 days, depending on number of products, number of integrated solutions, and payment systems.

The first step in the process of expanding sales in Poland involves conducting an audit of the activity of online stores, followed by an analysis of the shops on the verticals in which they operate. Later, the entrepreneurs will receive an action plan in which all the partner companies will be involved, so that the company managers can have visibility and predictability throughout the sales expansion process in Poland.


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