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Implementing Digital Assistant and email remarketing helped HP boost user engagement, drive conversions and increase revenue.


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As one of the biggest technology companies in the world, HP must always be looking for ways to stay ahead of its competitors and the industry.

At the core of this innovation is the desire to create technology that will make life easier for everyone. That’s why HP decided to work with Ve and implement the Digital Assistant to provide a better experience to its visitors and consequently increase sales.

The goal of the campaign was therefore to improve HP’s relationship with its customers and boost conversions, with a focus on providing exclusive offers to users that abandoned the site before completing the purchase.

Ve gave us the opportunity to engage with users who abandoned their baskets and to increase our sales. By implementing the email remarketing and Digital Assistant, we could see a two-digit increment in our principal KPIs. Given this success, we will be implementing both solutions into other countries.”


Engage users onsite

To tackle HP’s high abandonment rate, Digital Assistant was implemented. When a user shows signs of leaving a panel is revealed, showing each user personalised messaging according to their onsite behaviour and motivating them to stay onsite and convert. When the Digital Assistant was triggered on HP’s site, showcasing data-driven messaging and brand-native creative to match the site, it was well received, gaining an engagement rate of 14.4%.


Intelligent email remarketing

If visitors on HP’s site abandoned at the checkout process before completing their transaction, Ve’s email remarketing tool could dynamically capture the user’s email address. With this information and high intent, Ve sent up to three emails to clients who abandoned their cart; inviting them to return to the site and complete the purchase. The first email was sent 30 minutes after the client abandoned, and if they still didn’t convert, a second and third email was sent 24 and 48 hours later. The end goal was to recover sales that would have otherwise been lost without the tool. Six months after the campaign launched, HP Mexico’s online store saw a 9% increase in transactions and a 10% increase in the revenue.

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